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What is the best pumpkin spice hot cocoa mix? To find out, we brewed up cups from eight different brands and then did a blind taste test. Which had the best pumpkin flavor? Was most creamy? Here are the winners.

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Finding the Best Pumpkin Spice Hot Cocoa Mix

In our never-ending quest to find the best pumpkin spice drinks, today we land on that fall favorite: pumpkin spice hot cocoa!

As always, we think the best bet is to do a blind taste test. This follows two basic steps:

  1. Brew up pumpkin spice mix hot cocoa:

2. Start tasting!

Good news: our staff of pumpkin spice enthusiasts were up to the task! We tried several brands before deciding these are the best bets:

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Best Pumpkin Flavor

Delicious blend
We loved this tried and true brand's pumpkin spice mix for true pumpkin flavor notes—and yes, it even beat out more expensive gourmet brands.
$7.45 ($0.67 / Ounce)

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Best Cinnamon Flavor

Wonderful aroma
Excellent pumpkin spice flavor here, with notes of cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.

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Best Creamy Flavor

Smooth taste
The Dutch-processed cocoa is the star here—this mix is more creamy and subtle in flavor than others we tried. Also nice: natural cane sugar instead of corn syrup.
$18.56 ($2.65 / Fl Oz)

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Best Budget-Friendly

Warm and rich
When you need more than just a few packets of cocoa, this is a good choice. Great pumpkin flavor and easy to make . . . at a price that doesn't break the bank.

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