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What are the best slow feeder dog bowls? If your dog eats too fast, a slow feeder dog bowl may be a great solution. We tried out several bowls to find the best bets. Which had the best design? Best for larger dogs? Here are our favorites.

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Finding the Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls: Tips & Advice

Let’s talk slow feeder dog bowls!

These clever bowls are designed for dogs who gulp their food too fast, which can cause serious health issues.

Slow feeder bowls turn a dog who can wolf down their food in seconds to an eater who can take several minutes to finish. (Yes, that has been timed!).

Here are some points to consider if this sounds like a good solution for your pet:

• Some designs are more complicated that others. And yes, dogs some dogs find it entertaining to figure out the puzzle.

• Sneaky dogs can figure out how to defeat the bowl. Clever canines have figured out they can tip the bowl over and then wolf down the food. If this is your dog, tape a weight to the underside of the bowl to defeat this behavior.

• Consider getting more than one style. Then you can change up the dog bowl so your pet won’t get bored. And yes, some pets will refuse to use these bowls, so your mileage may vary.

Ok, enough tips! We asked our parent readers for their favorites—which worked best in the real world? Here are our top picks for best slow feeder dog bowls.

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Best For Most Dogs

Works like a charm
We loved this bowl's no slip bottom and clever design. Also nice: dishwasher safe. And can be used with wet or dry food. Caveat: can be hard to clean by hand.

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Best For Medium-Size Dogs

Fun design
Excellent choice for dogs that eat a cup or cup and half of dog food. Non-slip base works ok. Also great: multiple color options.

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Best For Large Dogs

Easy to clean
This fun dog bowl is designed to prevent tipping, with a wider base than top. We thought this was easier to clean than others—and yes, it is dishwasher safe.

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Best For Toy Dogs

Washes well
This smaller bowl is an excellent choice for smaller dogs, as it holds just three-quarters of a cup of food. Zig-zag design keeps dogs entertained.

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