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Curious who we are and how we got here? That’s easy. We had kids! When we were expecting our first child, we walked into a baby store…and then walked straight out.

The blizzard of baby products available today makes your head spin. What is the safest? How do you pick upon the zillions of choices for a crib? Car seat? Stroller?

As consumer writers, we already had chalked up an expose of the wedding industry (Bridal Bargains) and the new home business (Your New House). We launched our first parenting book, Baby Bargains, way back in 1994.

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We’ve appeared on numerous television and radio programs over the years as well as in a variety of newspapers and magazines from the Wall Street Journal to Time magazine. If you’ve got a story idea, we can help. Reach our media coordinator at [email protected]. We work with tight deadlines! Baby Bargains Content Partnerships

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