When we were expecting our first child, we walked into a baby store…and then walked straight out.

The blizzard of baby products available today makes your head spin. What is the safest? How do you pick upon the zillions of choices for a crib? Car seat? Stroller?

As consumer writers, we already had chalked up an expose of the wedding industry (Bridal Bargains) and the new home business (Your New House). We launched our first parenting book, Baby Bargains, way back in 1994.

Yes, we have been researching and writing about the baby biz for 16 years with a single focus: find and recommend the best baby products without breaking the bank. Without taking a single ad. Or bribe.

Baby Bargains became a best-seller in the stone age—that is, before the Internet. Yet it still remains a best-seller today, with 700,000 copies sold.

Now, we have taken our book and put all the reviews online. What you can read here are the latest reviews that appear in our best-selling guide, with an added bonus: live updates, reader reviews and more. You get the most up-to-date info, sans the paid-for pitches and dubious puff pieces you might find elsewhere online.

Why subscribe to our site when you can read product review for free online? Simple: we make it easy and know your time is tight—after all, you are preparing to bring a new baby into the world, so you’ve got things to do.

Sifting through parent reviews of strollers on Amazon is like drinking out of a fire hose: how do you make sense of 107 reviews on this stroller? What is the real story behind this brand? Can you trust that crib company?

Many sites post parent reviews that tend to focus on superficial issues (this product is so cute!), instead of the stuff you really want to know: will it last? Is it safe? Is it a good value for the dollar? Our expert product reviews strip away the fluff to give you the info you need to make the best decisions for your new baby.

So, we humbly present you with what we think is the best online resource for baby gear reviews anywhere!