Last Updated: Dec 2, 2021 @ 1:26 pm.

What is the best pumpkin spice tea and chai? To find out, we tried out seven brands in a blind taste test. Which had the best aroma? The most pumpkin flavor? Here are the winners.

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Finding the Best Pumpkin Spice Tea & Chai

Let’s talk the best pumpkin spice teas and chai.

We always think a blind taste test is the best bet when it comes to picking the best bets in a category like this. So we brewed up tea and from several top brands and then had our staff judge the best bets:

pumpkin spice tea test

Ok, our tests didn’t look that pretty . . . but you get the idea.

And since we know some of you out there are big fans of chai lattes, we also tried several chai brands made into lattes. 

When it comes to pumpkin spice, there are two fan groups: some folks like tea or chai that has more cinnamon flavor notes. Other folks prefer more of the pumpkin or nutmeg flavors.

And of course, we also tried out caffeine free brands for those of you who prefer your cup of pumpkin spice tea without any jiggers.

Here are the winners:

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Best Black Tea

Aroma says fall
This tried-and-true brand impressed us with its great taste and reasonable price. We liked the notes of ginger and cinnamon. Allergy alert: contains licorice root.
$19.37 ($3.23 / Count)

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Best For Chai Lattes

Very smooth
Wow! We thought this chai was most amazing, with notes of allspice and cloves helping create that full fall flavor.
$5.75 ($0.29 / Count)

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Best For Cinnamon Fans

No bitterness
The aroma of this tea is most amazing—with cinnamon notes and ginger dancing around on your palette. Some dissenters say there was too much clove in this blend, but we liked it overall.
$9.99 ($0.20 / Count)

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Best No Caffeine

Like fall in a cup
The pumpkin flavor is the star here—we loved the hints of vanilla and passionfruit as well. Organic, Kosher and no caffeine.

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