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What's the best container for safe disposal of sharps (syringes with needles, blades, etc.)? To find out, we tried out several different brands. Which ones were easiest to use? How do the locks work? Here are the winners.

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Best Overall

Simple to use
We liked the design of this container, which is sized perfectly (one quart) for home use. The locks are easy to use, including a permanent lock for use during final disposal.

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Best Overall: OakRidge Products 1 Quart Size (Pack of 3) Sharps Disposal Container

Sharps containers are for the safe disposal of needles, syringes or just about anything else that is sharp—used razor blades, scalpels and so on.

Most of these containers work the same way with two locks: a temporary lock that lets you add more to the container. And then a permanent lock that is engaged when the entire unit is disposed (contact a local fire department, pharmacy or hospital for info on safe disposal of biohazard waste).

For the best overall sharps container, we think the OakRidge 1 Quart Size is a great option for most folks. This pack of three containers is easy to use and gets the job done. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Large opening on the top for syringes.

• Built-in port to remove needles.

• Temporary lock slides into place when using.

• Made in the USA.

What Needs Work

• Lid can accidentally become permanently locked during shipping.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Perfect for home use
The lid lock design of this container is top-notch—we thought it was very easy to use. Perfect for home or professional use. And yes, these containers would also work for travel.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Alcedo Sharps Container for Home Use

These containers worked well—and were easier on the wallet than the well-known brand name. We liked the clear lid and lock design.

What We Liked

 Great for travel.

• Affordable.

• Temporary lock works well.

• Clear lid.

• Needle removal slot is easy to use.

What Needs Work

• May not fit auto-injection ens.

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Best For Travel

Discreet design
Loved this container for pen needles—and it is perfectly designed for road trips. No, it doesn't fit larger items . . . but it does the job for smaller needles or sharps.
$14.95 ($4.98 / Count)

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Best For Travel: Red Glucology Travel Sharps Disposal Container

We liked this container for road trips—it is suitable for pen needles, but isn’t big enough for pens themselves. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Small size is great for travel.

• Take up very little space.

• Holds up to 25 needle tips.

• Discreet design.

What Needs Work

• Opening is rather small. 

• Doesn’t stand up on its own.

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Best For Needles

Can be stored nested-style
We liked that this container can be wall-mounted, but it is also compact enough for use during travel. The hinged cover works well for temporary locking, with a permanent lock when full.

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Best For Needles: Unimed-Midwet 1 Quart Flip Top Sharps Container

Although this container is too small for larger injection pens, it is well-design for needles. We also liked the fact it can be wall mounted, or stacked to preserve storages space. 

What We Like

• Easy to use.

• Hinged cover for temporary closure.

• Great for needles.

• Also good for travel.

What Needs Work

• Too short for some injectable pens.

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