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Which are the best weighted hula hoops for exercise? To find out, we tried out several. Then we asked our parent readers for more feedback. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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The Secrets To Great Popcorn

Here at the home office, we take our popcorn seriously.

We’ve tried all the standard ways of making popcorn—stovetop, air-popped, microwave and more. 

Along the way, we’ve learned these key secrets to amazing popcorn:

• Toppings are essential. The butter toppings reviewed below are essential for great air-popcorn . . . that’s because salt won’t stick as well.

• Not any salt will do. The best popcorn salt is FINELY ground. Forget Kosher salt or other coarsely ground salt—it won’t stick. Later in this article, we’ll recommend a salt plus topping combo that is a fave.

• Topping or popping? All the top popcorn butters in this article can either be used topping or popping—that is, oil to pop kernels!

Here are our top popcorn butter options:

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Best For Beginners

Comes apart for storage
Loved the non-slip material used on the foam on this hula hoop. Easy to use and compact, you can adjust the size by removing sections. Fun!

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Best Smart Hula Hoop

Great to work those quads, glutes
For those of us folks who need a bit of help in the coordination department, we'd recommend this smart hula hoop with gravity ball. Easy to adjust, fun to use.

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Best Hoop + Video Code

Weights 2 pounds
We liked this hoop, which includes a code to scan for access to a free 30 minute workout video—that's a nice extra. Sturdy, easy to assemble and fun.

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Best Weighted Hula Hoops: Tips & Advice

Weighted hula hoops for exercise have found new life, thanks to their growing popularity on social media. And good news: they provide a workout that just about anyone can do, kid or adult.

We asked our parent readers for their favorite weighted hula hoops. We also tried out those new “smart” hula hoops that take some of the trickiness out of using a hula hoop for exercise.

Along the way, we learned some tips and advice from hula hoop enthusiasts. Here are some pointers:

• Make sure you have the room/space. You’ll need a few extra feet in your exercise space to do weighted hula hoop exercise!

• Start slowly. You don’t have to qualify for the Olympics . . . start off slow before you try harder exercises.

• A little goes a long way! Once you start exercising with a weighted hula hoop, it won’t take more than 10 minutes or so to get your heart rate up.

• Online videos can help. Yes, there is more to weighted hula hoops that just one motion. There are a plethora of helpful videos to try.

Ok, enough tips! Here are the weighted hula hoops we’d recommend.

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