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What are the best faux leather sheets for craft projects like homemade earrings, hair clips and the like? These sheets are designed for use with a cutting machine that has a faux leather setting. We asked the craft enthusiasts among our parent readers for their favorites. Then we sampled several of these sheets to gauge quality and ease of use. Yes, many of these kits also include earring hooks and tools like pliers and scissors. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Faux Leather Sheets for Earrings

Great starter kit
Loved the four different types of sheets here—the leopard print was a favorite. Also nice: earring hooks plus tools like pliers and scissors. Basically, everything you need to make earrings.

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Best Faux Leather Sheets for Earrings: SGHUO 30 pcs. Leather Earring Making Kit

If you like using a cutting machine like a Cricut Maker to make earrings, we like this kit best: SCHUO’s 30 piece Leather Earring Making Kit.

We should point out that even though this kit says it is for “leather” earrings, this kit has FAUX leather sheets. That is, not actual leather! We say this because we know some folks perhaps miss that part of the description and are disappointed there isn’t any actual leather in here.

Our readers loved this kit as a good place to start if you are a first-timer to this craft—we liked the included tools (pliers, scissors, jumper opener) and the 150-180 earring hooks in five colors. The bang for the buck is quite impressive.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Nice variety of colors and patterns.

• Great starter kit.

• Affordable.

• Includes everything you need to make earrings: hooks, tools, tweezers, etc.

What Needs Work

• Some pieces aren’t cut straight. We saw a few online reports that the faux leather sheets weren’t cut straight, although we didn’t see that in the kit we tried.

• Earring hooks can easily break.

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Best Deluxe Kit

Perfect for beginners
Great bang for the buck here—tools, supplies and a generous supply of faux leather sheets. Yes, the glitter and sequin sheets can be tricky to work with, but overall we loved this kit.

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Best Deluxe Kit: Caydo 779 Pieces Leather Earring Making Kit

Yes, it is addicting! Once you start using a cutting machine to make crafts like earrings, you’ll quickly want to do more! 

For folks who want to go to the next level, this deluxe kit (Caydo’s 779 Piece Kit) is a good bet. Yes, like beginner kits, you get 28 pieces of faux leather and 180 earring hooks. But this kit also includes 32 tassel pendants and other supplies. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

 5 types of faux leather, including glitter, metallic, leopard, classic and sequin.

• Great for beginners or intermediate crafters.

• Also includes tools like pliers, jump ring openers, push pins and more.

What Needs Work

• Faux glitter sheets can be a bit tricky. Sometimes the texture can make this sheet harder to cut . . . but that depends on your machine.

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Best For Bows

Also work for earrings
If you love glitter, then these are the sheets for you—we loved the amazing colors and textures (yes, there is chunky glitter). Great for making hair bows.

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Best For Bows: ZAIONE 7 Pcs/Set

We loved the beautiful colors in this set, with seven options in the “nude” color pallette—our favorite was pearl lustrous. These 8″ x 12″ sheets are great for making hair bows.

What We Liked

• Lovely colors.

• Good bang for buck.

• Great for making hair bows.

What Needs Work

• Not everyone was a fan of the sheet’s backing. Some folks added a vinyl backing to these sheets, to keep them from curling after they are cut. Some of the sheets have a canvas backing (easy to cut) and others have fleece backing (not so easy to cut). 

• Chunky glitter doesn’t work on all cutting machines.

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Best for Purses, Shoes

Soft to the touch
Yes, these sheets are made of real cork fabric—you get that faux leather look, yet with all the eco-friendly sustainability. Loved these sheets for projects like custom wallets.

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Best for Purses, Shoes: ZAIONE Colored Real Cork Fabric Faux Leather Sheets

And now for something different: cork faux leather sheets that are both environmentally friendly and incredibly beautiful. Our crafty parent readers said these sheets worked best for shoe and purses . . . for those folks who are ambitious enough to take on those projects!

What We Liked

• Beautiful color variety.

• Also makes nice wallets.

• No smell.

• Mesh fabric on backside.

What Needs Work

• Some sheets can crack when folded.

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