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What's the best silk pillowcase? To find out, we asked our parent readers for their favorite brands. Then we tried out several ourselves, comparing softness, comfort and value. Yes, all of these pillowcases are made of silk fabric—not "silk satin," which is actually polyester. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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The Secrets To Great Popcorn

Here at the home office, we take our popcorn seriously.

We’ve tried all the standard ways of making popcorn—stovetop, air-popped, microwave and more. 

Along the way, we’ve learned these key secrets to amazing popcorn:

• Toppings are essential. The butter toppings reviewed below are essential for great air-popcorn . . . that’s because salt won’t stick as well.

• Not any salt will do. The best popcorn salt is FINELY ground. Forget Kosher salt or other coarsely ground salt—it won’t stick. Later in this article, we’ll recommend a salt plus topping combo that is a fave.

• Topping or popping? All the top popcorn butters in this article can either be used topping or popping—that is, oil to pop kernels!

Here are our top popcorn butter options:

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Best Soft Silk Pillowcase

Cool and comfortable
Loved this 22 momme silk pillow that is well made and super soft. Bonus: comes in nice box, perfect for gifting! Also nice: 13 different colors.

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Best Color Variety

Great for those with curly hair
We liked the hidden zipper design on this 19 momme silk pillow—plus it comes in a whopping 30+ colors. Caveat: some wrinkling issues, even when line dried.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Affordable luxury
Yes, this pillow has somewhat thinner fabric (19 momme) than others, but we thought it was very soft and smooth. And it has a hidden zipper. Holds up well to washing. Good bang for the buck.

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Best Splurge

Luxurious with hidden zipper
This pillow featured the thickest silk (30 momme) in our tests and wow! It was very comfortable and smooth. Washes well. Caveat: limited colors to choose from.

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Finding the Best Silk Pillowcase: Our Advice & Tips

Let’s talk silk pillowcases!

Silk pillowcases have become all the rage—and for good reason.

Silk fabric helps regulate temperature better than synthetic fabrics, according to tests by Good Housekeeping. That’s because silk pillowcases wicks away moisture instead of absorbing it, as some cotton fabric can do. The result: more cooling effect. 

Silk pillowcases also help prevent frizzy or tangled hair. And there is science behind the claim that silk can help keep your skin hydrated—that is, silk doesn’t absorb moisture like other fabrics.

Before you spend money on silk pillowcases, consider these tips:

• The thickness of silk fabric is measured in mommes—the thicker the silk, the higher the momme. You’ll note the silk pillowcases recommended in this article vary between 18 and 30 mommes. Generally, the thicker the silk, the higher the price.

• Does thickness matter? It’s a matter personal preference. Thicker silk fabric doesn’t feel softer, in our opinion (based on our hands-on sample of silk pillowcases). You could argue that thicker silk pillowcases might last longer or be more durable. 

• The best pillowcases feature 6A fiber. Without getting too technical, this number refers to the length of the silk fiber. Longer is better. All the silk pillowcases recommended in this article feature 6A length silk.

• Handwashing is best for silk pillowcases. Wash with a PH neutral soap like dish soap or Woolite. You can also add a small amount of vinegar to bring back the sheen, if your silk pillowcase has dulled over dime. Most silk pillowcases should only be line dried.

In our tests of silk pillowcases, we preferred those that came in a nice gift-ready box—like this one from Jimoo. It came shrink-wrapped: 

Best Silk Pillowcase Unboxing

Inside the box, the case is nicely wrapped in paper:

Best Silk Pillowcase Unboxing 2

We saw a few consumer complaints about sheets arriving overly wrinkled. We didn’t find that in our tests (we pay for all the products we test, so there is no cheating by the makers). Here’s what the Jimoo silk pillowcase looks like in the real world on a pillowcase:

Best Silk Pillowcase On Pillow

So as you can see, a few wrinkles . . . but it looked good to us. 

Here are the silk pillowcases we’d recommend:

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