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What's the best knitting machine? We surveyed the knitters among our parent readers to find the answer. What was best for beginners? Kids? We took their suggestions and then did another 5 hours of research, comparing features and overall quality. Here are the knitting machines we'd recommend.

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Best Knitting Machine for Hats

Also great for scarves
If you have a bit of knitting experience, we'd recommend this machine—easy to set up and get rolling. We loved the electronic row counter and overall quality. Caveat: not so good with thinner yarn.

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Best Knitting Machine for Hats: Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine

Hats are probably the #1 most popular knitted item—and a knitting machine makes creating one fast and easy. Once you get the hang of it, a good knitting machine can make a hat in just 30 minutes.

After asking knitting enthuisasts among our parent readers for their advice on the best knitting machine, one brand name came up time and time again: Addi. This company makes excellent knitting machines that are beloved by crafters, we learned.

For the best knitting machine for hats, we’ll recommend Addi’s Express King. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Easy to set up.

• Great for hats and scarves—30 minutes once you practice a bit!

• Counter works well.

• 46 needles and electronic row counter.

• Two clamps work well.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Not so good for socks.

• Directions could be better (hint: our readers found online videos more helpful).

• Doesn’t work well with thinner yarn.

• A bit daunting for beginners. If that is you, see our next recommendation.

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Best Beginners Knitting Machine

Great for baby hats
Yes, there is a learning curve for this machine . . . but it's easy even for beginners to master (hint: watch online videos for tips and tricks). Once you get rolling, it can quickly turn out hats and scarves.

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Best Beginners Knitting Machine: Addi Express Knitting Machine

Our readers suggested beginners should try out a smaller machine to get the hang of it—and after looking at 4 different brands and asking our readers for advice, we pick Addi’s Express Knitting Machine as the best bet for beginners.

What We Liked

 Simple to use.

• Fast!

• Can knit circular tube as well as a plain knitted panel.

What Needs Work

• Only can make small hats. 

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Best Knitting Machine For Kids

For ages 8 and up

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Best Knitting Machine For Kids: Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio

We loved this knitting machine as a great gift for kids—it comes with enough yarn to make an infinity scarf, headband and (yes) a phone case. We found it easy to use, especially when you watch a couple of online tutorials.

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Includes yarn, charms and 3 knitting posts.

• Easy to use once you see online tutorials.

• Nice storage area for parts.

• Kids loved it!

What Needs Work

• May need more yarn to finish the projects.

• Instructions could be better. Again, online tutorial videos are going to be helpful!

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