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25 degrees below zero. That was the coldest temperature we've had the misfortune to experience here in Colorado. As a result, you can say we know cold. So who better to rate the best heated gloves? We tried out 8 pairs to find the ones that could stand up to Rocky Mountain cold. We found some were better at keeping fingers warmer than others. Which had the longest lasting battery? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Budget-Friendly Gloves

Great for skiing
If your fingers easily get cold, these gloves are an excellent solution: we got 4 hours of use AND they did a good job at keeping those fingers toasty. Caveat: sizing is unisex and could be clearer.

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Best Budget-Friendly Gloves: AKASO Heated Gloves for Men Women

What are the best heated gloves?

We tried out several pairs to find the best bets. Most heated gloves work the same way—a rechargeable lithium ion battery sends heat to carbon fibers in the glove and fingers.

Most have three heat levels and are designed for a variety of outdoor activities.

And yes, these gloves can get pricey. But we found a pair that performed well and didn’t break the bank: AKASO’s heated gloves. On medium heat, we got four hours of use . . . perfect for a half day of skiing. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to charge. It takes about 2-3 hours to charge the gloves.

• Nice, quality material.

• Warms ENTIRE hand AND fingers. That’s important, as some gloves we tried just warm the back of the hand.

• 3 heat levels.

• Made with 3M Thinsulate tech.

• Adjustable wrist strap. That’s important to keep out moisture and cold!

• Non-slip palm and fingers.

• Thumb can be used on touchscreens.

• Recharge in about 3 hours.

• Reflective strip for night safety.

What Needs Work

• Sizing is unisex and that can be challenging to figure out what fits best. We wish this glove maker had a size chart graphic to help (other competitors do).

• Batteries are large and heavy.

• Don’t last all day. If you are going hunting or ice fishing and need more heat time, we’d suggest the next recommendation.

Best Heated Glove For Hunting

Also great for ice fishing
Longer heat time is the star feature with these gloves. We got 7.5 hours of heat on medium. Very comfortable with soft inner lining. Flexible design = great for snow shoveling.

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Best Heated Glove For Hunting: VELAZZIO Thermo1Battery Heated Gloves

These heated gloves had a more powerful battery than others we tested (4800 mAh versus 3200 mAh for our budget-friendly pick above). Bigger battery = longer use time. We got 7.5 hours on medium in a real world test.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Very comfortable.

• Flexible—great for ice fishing.

• Inner lining is very soft.

• Includes carry bag.

• Cuff drawstrings to keep water out.

• Waterproof battery compartment. That’s important, because less expensive heated gloves lack this feature.

• Touchscreen compatible fingertips.

• Palms have grippy surface.

• Made with 3M Thinsulate.

What Needs Work

• Warms the back of the hand more than fingers. We still found these gloves to keep our fingers warm, but we see other reports that folks were disappointed in the finger warmth. 

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Best Heated Glove Splurge

Upgraded construction
We loved the lambskin outer layer of these gloves—very comfortable AND lightweight. Great for cycling. Nice heat cover on the fingers. However, smaller battery doesn't last all day.

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Best Heated Glove Splurge: Savior Heated Gloves for Men Women

When it comes to the outdoors, we know some activities are more demanding than others. Take riding a motorcycle—cheap gloves will not cut it.

If you have the budget, Savior’s heated gloves are a nice splurge. We like the upgraded construction of these gloves: note the outer layer is made with lambskin AND polyester (less expensive gloves lack this). The fleece inner lining is also most comfortable.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Great for cycling at night thanks to reflective striping.

• Size chart is easy to use.

• Very warm.

• Lightweight.

• Last about 3.75 hours on medium setting. That’s in the middle of the pack, performance wise.

What Needs Work

• Don’t last all day. These gloves have a 2200 mAh battery—that won’t last all day. 

• Could work better with touchscreens.

• Pricey.

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Best Gloves For Snow Shoveling

Easy on the wallet
These gloves are quick to charge—and that makes them idea for snow shoveling. Very comfortable, if not somewhat heavier than others we tested. Limited sizing.

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Best Gloves For Snow Shoveling: Autocastle Heated Gloves Rechargeable Battery

Gloves that work well for snow shoveling should heat up QUICK and be comfortable. You don’t need all-day battery life, of course. 

For this, we’d recommend Autocastle’s heated gloves. They were the fastest to warm among those we tested . . . and were still easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Charge quickly.

• Quick to warm.

• 3 heat levels.

• Last about 2.5 hours on medium setting. 

• Thumb and index finger are touchscreen friendly.

• Comfortable.

What Needs Work

• Heating element could cover fingers better. 

• Limited sizing. An online sizing chart would be helpful.

• On/off light on gloves is BRIGHT! Yes, you look like Ironman while wearing these gloves!

• Somewhat more bulky and heavy compared to others we tested. 

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