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FYI: These thermometers are NOT to measure human temperature. Infrared thermometers (also called laser thermometers) like these are designed to measure the temperature of HVAC air flow, aquariums, and grills. Other uses include cooking and crafts like candle making.

So what is the best infrared thermometer? We tried out several brands to see what was easiest to use. Most accurate? Simple to read? Here are the ones we'd recommend!

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Best Accuracy Overall

Great for spotting air leaks in house
Super easy and quick, this infrared thermometer is accurate + or - 3.6 degrees. We liked the backlit LCD screen and battery-saving auto-off function. Also nice: holds readings for 15 seconds.

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Best Accuracy Overall: Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 774

Ever wonder where the cold draft is coming from in your house?

An infrared (also called laser) thermometer is just the right tool for the task—these non-contact thermometers can tell you if your grill is ready to go. Or if the water in an aquarium or pool is too cool.

Using a digital laser, these thermometers can measure temperatures from a foot or two away . . . enabling you to safely get a temperature of a stove or appliance.

A quick caveat: these thermometers do NOT take human temperatures. Let’s repeat that: you do not use an infrared thermometer like those recommended in this article to measure the temperature of a person! They aren’t designed for that job.

For the best overall accurate infrared thermometer, we would recommend Etekcity’s model 774 infrared thermometer. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Easy to read.

• Can measure temps between -58°F and 716°F. Yep, that is good for just about any use!

• Great for finding air leaks in the winter!

• Holds reading for 15 seconds.

• For best accuracy, should be about 14″ from target.

• Can display Fahrenheit or Celsius.

• Works with 9 volt battery.

• Backlit display.

• Auto-off function saves battery.

What Needs Work

• Not as precise as some folks would want. This thermometers accuracy is about 2 degrees celsius, which is just under 4 degrees Fahrenheit. That is great for most applications . . . but some folks wish it was more precise. (Some uses like candle making require very precise temps).

• Sometimes hard to see what you are aiming at with single laser. In that case, a dual laser thermometer would be a good bet. See our next pick for a dual laser option!

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Best Dual Laser Thermometer

Easier to scan large areas
To better visualize where you are measuring, a two-laser thermometer is a good bet. This model is easy to use and read . . . and can measure between -58° to 716°F.

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Best Dual Laser Thermometer: Etekcity Infrared Thermometer 1022D

One challenge of using an infrared thermometer is making sure you have aimed it correctly. Some folks prefer dual laser infrared thermometers of this reason—it’s easier to visualize what area is being measured!

For the best dual laser infrared thermometer, we liked Etekcity’s model 1022D. It basically has all the same features (pros and cons) of the model 774 discussed above . . . but it has dual lasers to help you accurately aim the thermometer.

To be honest, we think a single laser thermometer is fine for most folks (we found it easy enough to use). However, if you want to scan an area to find an air leak, the dual laser can more accurately nail down where that is happening!

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Best High Heat Thermometer

Great for brakes or rotors
Yes, this thermometer can measure temps up to 1100 degrees—that's about 400 degrees hotter than other models we tested. Great for auto repair or other high temp uses.

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Best High Heat Thermometer: Kizen LaserPro LP300 Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are great at measuring temperatures in an high heat environment—such as a grill or auto repair. However, most thermometers top out at around 700 degrees. What if you need to measure even higher temps?

We’d recommend Kizen’s LaserPro LP300 for that job. Yes, it can measure temps up to 1000 degrees.

What We Liked

• Easy to read LCD backlit display.

• Adjustable emissivity—this lets you fine tune the thermometer depending on the surface or material you are measuring. (Different materials have different emissivities). For example, unpolished aluminum has an emissivity of .30, while copper is .95.

• Low battery indicator.

• AAA batteries included.

• Measures temps between 58°F to 1022°F (-50°C to 550°C).

What Needs Work

• Single laser not as easy to aim as a double laser infrared thermometer (as seen in other models).

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Best Budget-Friendly

Adjustable emissivity
If you need to measure the surface temperature of an object at a short distance, this thermometer gets the job done . . . at a price that is easy on the wallet. Caveat: takes 2 seconds to boot up.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Pshihqiu Infrared Thermometer

If the budget is tight, this infrared thermometer gets the job done without breaking the bank. Pshihqiu’s thermometer has much the same features as other models we tried . . . but the price is easier on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Temperature range -58° to 752°F.

• 1.5% accuracy.

• Auto shut-off.

• Backlit LCD screen.

• Adjustable emissivity. 

What Needs Work

• Must boot up each time for use. That takes about 2 seconds. Not forever, but slower than other models we tried.

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