Best Ice Cream Cones

What are the best ice cream cones? Sugar? Cake? Waffle? We tried 11 different brands to find the best bets. (Yes, it was a tough job but someone had to do it). Here are the ones we recommend! FYI: We have been reviewing and rating products for kids, families and the home since 1994. We don’t take money or freebies from the brands we review—that keeps our work independent. We are 100% reader-supported! Thanks for reading this article.

Best Variety Pack Cones

Keebler Cones Variety Pack
Taste just like the one from ice cream parlors! This variety pack helps satisfy both camps of ice cream cone lovers: sugar and cake/wafer. We liked the flavor and size.

Best Variety Pack Cones: Keebler Cones Variety Pack

Ice cream cones trace their history back to 1825, when French cookbooks referenced edible them as an edible treat.

If you can’t decide between sugar cones or cake (or wafer/vanilla) cones, we suggest Keebler Cones Variety Pack—it has both. This box has 14 cake cones and 12 sugar ones. In our taste tests, the cones tasted just like those from ice cream parlors.

What We Liked

• Crunchy!

• Great taste.

• Affordable.

• Mix of both sugar and cake, in case folks can’t make up their mind!

What Needs Work

• Artificial coloring, flavors.

Best Mini Cones

Dinky Dippers Miniature Ice Cream Cones Mini Child-Size 48ct
Super cute and yummy cones look like sugar cones, but actually have a cake/wafer taste profile. Great for birthday parties or as toppers for mini cakes.

Best Mini Ice Cream Cones: Dinky Dippers Miniature Ice Cream Cones

Even though these mini cones look like they’re sugar cones, they are actually cake/wafer style. And they are quite yummy! After sampling several different minis, we think Dinky Dippers has the best combination of quality and value.

What We Liked

 Great for kid parties.

• Sized right for little kiddos.

• Nice flavor.

• Also great for cupcake toppers.

What Needs Work

• When they say mini, they aren’t kidding. These cones are about 3″ tall and about an 1″ wide at the opening.

Best Waffle Cones

Keebler Ice Cream Cones, Waffle
We tried out several waffle cones before crowning this one as the best bet. Excellent crunch. Tasted the best and easy on the wallet. Vegan-friendly with just a dash of salt.

Best Waffle Cones: Keebler Ice Cream Cones, Waffle

When we said there were two camps of ice cream cone lovers out there (sugar vs cake), we forgot to mention that distant second cousin: waffle cones. We tried out several packaged waffle cones before deciding Keebler’s tasted best

What We Liked

• Vegan-friendly.

• Taste a bit like fortune cookies.

• Affordable.

Best Organic Cones

Lets Do Organics, Sugar Ice Cream Cone, Organic, 5 Ounce

The best crunch out of all the organic ice cream cones we tried. Vegan. Simple ingredients. Sturdy cones don’t drip from the bottom—nice!

Best Organic Cones: Let’s Do Organics, Sugar Ice Cream Cone

While just about everything these days has an organic alternative, we were a bit surprised to find just a few organic cone options out there. We tried several before picking Let’s Do Organics as the best of the bunch.

What We Liked

• Nice crunch.

• Good flavor.

• Vegan.

• Organic ingredients.

• Cane sugar,

• No hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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