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What are the best cabinet locks? We tested and researched a dozen different ways to child-proof cabinets and drawers, a common need for parents when baby proofing home. After trying out several of these in person and consulting with baby proofing experts about what works best, we picked these solutions as the best cabinet locks for child safety.

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Best Low-Tech Cabinet Lock

Great for bathroom cabinets with pulls
This simple solution worked surprisingly well in our tests—our parent testers loved it. Caveat: only works on cabinets with pulls spaced no more than 5" apart.

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Best Low-Tech Cabinet Lock: Adoric Sliding Cabinet Locks

Baby proofing cabinets and drawers can be a challenge—there are a variety of places (bathrooms, kitchens) that need to be secured and different objects (dishwashers, for example) which can present unique problems. 

So there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for child safety locks. And sometimes, the simplest idea works the best. Example: Adoric’s Sliding Cabinet Locks. This basic locks (4-pack) keep little hands out of cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms especially under sinks. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• No drilling, no adhesive. These are super-easy to slide on and poof! The space is locked.

• Affordable.

• Great for rentals or apartments. These locks don’t leave marks or drill holes.

What Needs Work

• Only work on specific cabinets. The cabinet must have knobs or pulls that are within 5″ of each other.

• Locking mechanism can crack after long term use. But that’s true of any plastic lock used in baby proofing—it can wear out over time or crack when too much pressure is applied.

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Best Adhesive Cabinet Lock

More flexibility, great in kitchen
These latches worked well on dishwashers, ovens, toilet seats—more than just cabinets. Great for caregivers with arthritis. Caveat: installation can be frustrating.

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Best Adhesive Cabinet Lock: Goodv Child Safety Cabinet Locks

We tried out quite a few adhesive cabinet locks before picking on this one. This set includes 10 flexible latch locks that are easy to install and use. You use adhesive to attach each end and then slide a button to open the latch. Here’s why we thought these locks performed best in our tests:

What We Liked

• Flexible uses. These latches work well where other solutions (like magnets) don’t—like dishwashers, ovens, toilet seats, ovens, etc.

• Good value, good quality. There are some good cabinet latch locks on the market, but most are quite pricey—this set worked well and provided the best value.

• Great for caregivers with arthritis. These locks open with a one-touch slide motion . . . easy for folks, including those with arthritis. Other locks require a pinching motion, which isn’t as easy.

What Needs Work

• Fussy installation. When you apply the adhesive to secure the latch, the maker says it needs to cure for 24 hours before using. This may explain why some folks complained the adhesive didn’t work—if you don’t let it cure, it may not hold correctly.

• Not hidden. These cabinet safety lock is quite visible . . . and some folks prefer more of a hidden solution. See the next recommendation in this article for just such a suggestion.

• No guarantee these won’t damage surfaces. If you are renting, be aware these locks may leave a mark or damage the surface they are attached to when the adhesive is removed.

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Best Magnetic Cabinet Lock

Hidden from view, but need 2 hands

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Best Magnetic Cabinet Lock: VMAISI Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks

We tried out several different magnetic cabinet locks before deciding this one worked best. It contains 4 magnetic locks—and like most of these sets, you attach one end (via adhesive or screws) inside the cabinet door. Then you use a magnetic key to open the cabinets. Here are the pros and cons of this approach:

What We Liked

• Invisible. These latches are popular for good reason—you can’t see them from outside the cabinet. That’s especially nice in visible areas like a kitchen or living room.

• On/off switch. You can turn on or off the magnetic lock with a switch on the inside.

• Good value. Magnetic cabinet locks can get pricey—this set is a good value. And it works!

What’s Needs Work

• Two hands required to open. That’s probably the biggest drawback to all magnetic cabinet locks (not just this set)—you have to use one hand to put the magnet in the right place and another to pull open the cabinet.

• Doesn’t work if there is metal in the door or drawer front. That interferes with the magnet, as you might expect.

• Thicker cabinet doors may not work. While these locks worked on the standard cabinet doors we tested, we realize some thicker doors may present a challenge.

• Adhesive doesn’t always work, requiring drilling. Using screws to install these locks on the inside of doors takes much more time—and hassle.

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