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What is the best baby towel? Towels are a great shower gift and we tested a dozen different options to find the very best. We looked at absorbency, softness, quality, size and, of course, cuteness! Here are our picks for best gift sets, organic towels, cute character hooded towels and a budget-friendly option.

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Best Baby Towel Gift Set

Super soft, great shower gift
This was our favorite pick as a gift—nice value with 20 washcloths and 3 hooded towels. Loved the cute, gender neutral designs. Critics says the towels are thin and too small.

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Best Baby Towel Gift Set: Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Bath Gift Set

After testing several different baby towel gifts, we thought this one was a winner: Spasik’s 23-piece gift set. Yes, you read that right: this set has 23 pieces: 20 washcloths and three hooded towels. Here’s why we liked it:

What We Liked

• Good absorbency. Not the best, but better than others we tested.

• Soft fabric, cute designs.

• Gender neutral colors.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Towels are a bit on the small side. A few of our testers thought they were too thin.

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Best Baby Towel Organic

Love the two-sided design
With smooth fabric on one side and terry loops on the other, this is our favorite pick for organic cotton baby towels. Softens with washing, but critics say it isn't absorbent enough.

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Best Baby Towel Organic: Burt’s Bee’s Hooded Towels

We found a lot of pricey organic cotton baby towels out there, but this one impressed with its overall quality and reasonable price: Burt’s Bees. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 100% cotton that is GOTS certified and made in the USA. GOTS is a textile certification program that sets standards for organic fabric.

• Two sided design: smooth on one side, terry loops for more texture on the reverse.

• Softens with washing. Cute designs!

What Needs Work

• Not absorbent enough said our testers. We thought it was good enough, but we can see why some folks would prefer a more absorbent option.

• Small size and somewhat thin, compared to others we tested.

• Organic costs more.

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Cutest Hooded Baby Towel

Too cute for words
We love these character towels—27 designs in all! Big, soft, and cute. Good absorbency in our tests. We recommended washing it a time or two before using, to prevent fuzz.

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Cutest Hooded Baby Towel: Hudson Baby Uniset Baby Animal Face Hooded Towel

Hudson Baby was the winner for cutest hooded baby towel that we tested—these towels are adorable! And they are a decent quality. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• 100% cotton terry cloth.

• Nice quality detailing—we liked the embroidered detailing and appliquéd animals.

• 30 cute characters to choose from in case you don’t want elephants.

• Good absorbency. 

• Generous size—but they may be a bit too big for newborns!

What’s Needs Work

• Need to wash it a time or two before use. Otherwise, fuzz can come off the towel.

• Thin and a bit pricey. 

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Best Budget-Friendly Baby Towel Set

Affordable and cute, but not all cotton
Our testers loved how absorbent these towels are—plus who could resist the cute elephant? A dozen other animal designs as well. Critics say washcloths not as nice as towels.

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Best Budget-Friendly Baby Towel Set: Luvable Friends Hooded Towel and 5 Washcloths

Baby towels may be cute, but they can get pricey in a hurry. We found this set to be the best value: Luvable Friends. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• 75% cotton with embroidered appliqués on the hoods. That’s a nice touch.

• 14 different, super cute designs.

• Good value—includes five washcloths as well.

• Soft and absorbent fabric with a two-sided design: smooth on one side, terry loops for texture on the reverse.

What’s Needs Work

• Washcloths not as great as towels in our opinion. The washcloths just weren’t as durable in the wash, compared to the towels.

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