mamaRoo Sleep vs Snoo Bassinet: Which is better?

Published: Jan 25, 2023 @ 1:37 pm mamaRoo Sleep vs Snoo Bassinet: Which is better? Bassinets with motion are all the rage after the much hyped Snoo bassinet arrived a few years ago. Now, the Snoo has some competition: the 4Mom’s mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet has debuted at a much lower price point.

So let’s take a look at how they stack up against each other!


4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet has five motions (Car Ride, Wave, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, and Rock-a-Bye), five speeds and vibration. It is similar to the 4Moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing., which offers similar functionality in a swing/bouncer seat format.

In fact, we were a bit surprised 4Moms decided to name both the new bassinet and older swing “mamaRoo” as that is bound to be confusing!

Both of these products are app-controlled via Bluetooth. The bassinet does include a timer, which the seat does not. The weight limit at 25 lbs. is the same for both swing and bassinet. 

The Snoo Bassinet is also app-controlled but has one key feature the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet lacks: the Snoo automatically detects cries (via a microphone) and turns on to soothe a baby. When the Snoo detects crying, it uses white noise and gentle rocking to put a baby back to sleep. And it works.

There is another major difference: the Snoo comes with a Snoo Sack, basically a sleep sack that attaches to the mattress and holds baby in place for safety reasons (to keep baby from moving to one side of the unit when it is in motion). The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet doesn’t include the means to keep baby from rolling around during the motion.

So which is safer? You could argue Snoo’s Sack might make it safer, since it keeps baby from getting trapped on the side. However, the mamaRoo is so new, we don’t have any real world tests on it to determine whether this is a problem.

Furthermore, as folks know who follow our advice, we are not in favor of devices that restrict movement of newborns—that’s because even young babies need to move around, as they grow and develop. (Our advice is to ditch the swaddle at three months of age. But note the Snoo promotes use until six months of age).

So there is a split opinion on this issue.


The Snoo strikes a Mid-Century modern look, with wood accents and metal legs:

SNOO Smart Sleeper mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet versus Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet: Which is better?

We’re not sure what era the 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet evokes—those plastic deck chairs sold at Walmart?

4moms-mamaroo-sleep-bassinet We were somewhat surprised by the very plain look for the 4Moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet—this brand is known for its sense of style. We realize the base needs to be sturdy, but why so much white? And will folks trip on those legs that stick out a bit from the bassinet in the middle of the night?

Meanwhile, we like the fact that both bassinets have mesh sides for airflow. 


Here’s the big one: PRICE. The 4Moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet sells for $330 (you can also buy it directly from 4Mom’s site). 

While that is pricey, it isn’t too far away in price from the HALO Bassinest at $280.

On the other hand, the 4Moms bassinet is three times the price of the Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, which has a vibration feature much like 4Moms (but no motion). 

The Snoo, of course, is in another universe, cost-wise. You can buy it new from Amazon for $1295

But there is good news: the SNOO Smart Sleeper is now available for rent! Cost: about $112 a month (or roughly $4 a day).

Since you most likely use the SNOO for a couple of months at best, renting the SNOO for $225 for two months makes more sense than buying it outright—unless you are planning on multiple children!

Be aware of the fine print in the Snoo rental agreement: Snoo requires a $175 refundable security charge and a minimum one month rental. Shipping is free as is the return when you are finished using it (they recommend saving all the packing from the initial shipment for the return shipment). And there is also a $45 reconditioning fee (as of this writing, it is being waived). This covers the company’s expense for cleaning when the SNOO is returned.

So, bottom line: the cost would be about equal between buying the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet for $330 or renting the Snoo for 3 months at $336.

Which one should you get?

To be honest, we would say NEITHER. Babies use a bassinet for a VERY SHORT period of time—usually three or four months (perhaps six months at best). A basic bassinet like the Fisher Price Soothing Motions Bassinet should work for most folks—it allows baby to room in with you so breast-feeding is established. (Read our take on the best bassinets here).

When would a Snoo or mamaRoo bassinet be a good idea? If you had a fussy baby (or one with colic), we can see the benefit of this technology. But only a small percentage (roughly 10% to 25%) of babies have colic. 

The Snoo is more of a proven, tried and true product at this point—and fans love it. The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is too new for much feedback at this point—but we assume it will have a strong fan base as well (given 4Moms good reputation with its swing/bouncer).

What do you think? Would you spend the big bucks on a motion bassinet?