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What's the best high chair cover? Parent fact of life: high chairs can be hard to clean. Even those with machine washable pads can be a struggle. To the rescue come these high chair covers. We tested 7 different options before decided on these picks. We looked to see how easy they were to put on a chair and cleanability. A quick safety note: your baby must be able to sit up unassisted to use these covers in a high chair.

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Best Padded High Chair Cover

Folds into small pouch for travel
"Like a puffy cloud," our testers said in praising this cover. Removable bolster for smaller babies. Machine washable. But bolster doesn't work well in restaurant high chairs.

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Best Padded High Chair Cover: Summer 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner

We found many high chair covers out there, but few had as much padding and comfort as this pick: Summer’s 2-in-1 Cushy Cart Cover and Seat Positioner. After testing, we decided this was our top pick. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Removable bolster. This helps smaller or younger infants fit in the cover.

• Machine washable. 

• Safety harness keeps baby from climbing out,

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t work well in restaurants when used with the bolster pillow. That’s because it is too large to fit in most restaurant high chairs.

Best Cover For Restaurant High Chairs

Has one job and does it well
Loved this cover, specifically designed for those wood high chairs most restaurants use. Securely straps to chair. Critics say it is a bit overpriced. Only 1 color.

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Best Cover For Restaurant High Chairs: Solfres Dual-Belt High Chair Cover

Unlike other high chair covers that double as shopping cart covers, this pick just has one job: cover those wooden restaurant high chairs. And let’s be honest: some of those high chairs can be gross. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Dual strap to keep it attached securely to the high chair.

• Machine washable. We liked the cloth fabric used in this cover, which felt more substantial than others we tested.

• Storage pocket at back.

• Included travel bag. The Solfres high chair neatly folds into the included travel bag, which we appreciated.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Straps can be tricky to get on chair. It take some practice.

• Only one color. You can order this cover in any color, as long as it is yellow.

Best Multi-Use High Chair Cover

Works for both high chairs and shopping carts
Goes from shopping cart to high chair cover with ease. Loved the 3 toy loops and travel pouch. Caveat: very little padding.

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Best Multi-Use High Chair Cover: Croc n frog 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Covers for Baby and High Chair Cover

We’ve seen quite a few high chair covers that also claim to be great for shopping carts—but this one actually did it best in our testing. The Croc n Frog impressed us with its dual use. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Fits shopping carts best, as well as high chairs. We thought the design here was the best at morphing between the two uses.

• 3 toy loops and bottle strap. 

• Safety strap attaches to high chair or cart; another keeps baby from crawling out.

• Machine washable.

What’s Needs Work

• Little padding. This cover only had very minimal padding. As a result, babies have to able to sit up unassisted in order to best use this cover.

• May not fit large carts at warehouse clubs. We got contradictory info on this—some folks say it works, others not.

Best Looking High Chair Cover

This name brand has good quality track record
This machine washable cover impressed in both design and style. Loved how compact this cover rolls up. But the fabric can be slick.

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Best Looking High Chair Cover: Skip Hop Shopping Cart and Baby High Chair Cover

Can we talk? Your baby’s high chair will most likely sit in the middle of your kitchen. It would be nice if it wasn’t an eyesore, as some high chairs can be. One of our favorite brands for quality covers, Skip Hop’s entry here is worthy for its utility alone . . . and it doesn’t look half bad either!

What We Liked

• Padded seat and leg openings. 

• Compact size when folded. 

• Machine washable. 

• Gender neutral pattern. 

What’s Needs Work

• Elastic pops off high chairs. Many restaurant high chairs don’t have lips—as a result, this cover would pop off as the elastic banding around the edge had nothing to grip. This cover might work better at home than on the road.

• Fabric can be slick. That can make babies slide down in the high chair, which is no fun.

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