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What's the best baby monitor with camera and audio? A baby video monitor doesn't have to cost a fortune—we hand-tested 19 new monitors that don't break the bank. Can a bargain monitor still produced great video and audio? To find out, we measured battery life, video quality, range, security and more. Here are our top picks.

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Best Monitor Moveable Cam

Works with Wi-Fi, camera can move
Another winner with HD picture and two-way talk. Key feature: you can remotely move the camera around with app. Motion detection is excellent.

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Best Monitor with App: Moveable Camera Peteme Baby Monitor

If you want an app-based monitor to watch a playroom or pan across your baby’s nursery, a monitor with moveable camera is your best bet. After testing several options, we liked Peteme’s PE220 monitor as a great monitor for folks who want an app-based baby monitor . . . as long as you understand its limitations.

What We Liked

• HD camera. Of all the cameras we tested, this one scored at the top of video quality. Here’s what the picture looks like with night vision:

preteme monitor sample

 Remotely move the camera. Using the app, you can pan, tilt and zoom this monitor. Peteme’s app was easy to use.

• Two way audio. This monitor’s intercom function worked well. However, the “crying notification” feature was more hit or miss in our testing.

What Needs Work

• Sound lag. This is a problem with all Wi-Fi monitors—the delay or echo sound, caused by the time it takes the monitor to send the audio to a server then back to your phone. This bothers some parents, but not other parent testers we interviewed.

• Loud beeping sound when panning. For some reason, this camera is designed to make chiming noises when it moves. That obviously is a no go if you are using it to monitor a sleeping baby and need to move or pan the camera.

• Wi-Fi monitors can be a pain to set up. Like we discussed earlier in this article, this is an issue with all Wi-Fi monitors, not just Peteme’s camera.  Again, we found the set up for the Peteme’s camera to be straight forward, pairing with our router. But we know this is a pain point for others. The reasons why pairing doesn’t work or has a poor/dropped connection are numerous: incompatible routers, poor Wi-Fi signal, interference and other issues that are hard to troubleshoot.

• Hacking. Any time you connect a camera in your house to the internet, it can be hacked. You can take precautions like making sure you use a unique, secure password and making sure your router has the latest encryption protocol. If all this makes you nervous, we’d suggest a closed system baby monitor instead of Wi-Fi.

• No sound in the background. You must have the app open to hear the sound from this monitor—and that is major flaw for using this camera for monitoring overnight. A future version of the app should let you play background audio even if the app is not open. So this monitor works well for naps or other daytime monitoring; not so good for night time.

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Best Upgrade Pick

Tops in battery life, picture quality
Better quality picture and large 5" parent unit came out tops in testing. Very good ease of use. Less interference and longer range than competition. 15 hour battery. But no sound/light display and poor kickstand. Worth the upgrade.

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Upgrade Monitor With Parent Unit: Eufy Video Baby Monitor

If you have the budget and want the best monitor in terms of picture quality, range and battery life, here’s what we would pick after testing 8 different high-end monitors: the Eufy Video Baby Monitor.

We’ve been testing baby monitors for 20 years and we can say this is one that just blew us away. It is light years ahead of others we’ve hand tested . . . but it is more pricey, unfortunately. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Best HD picture. Less expensive monitors use low resolution cameras; the Eury is high definition, which lets you see clearly day or night. Here’s what the monitor looks like in real life:

What the screen looks like on the Eufy baby monitor

• Excellent battery life. During our testing, we got 13 hours of battery life—that was tops in our testing. That means you can run this monitor on battery alone overnight. Few other monitors we tested could do that.

• Range. When testing for range, you must take the manufacturer’s estimated range with a grain of salt. Those ranges are often under optimal conditions—like in an open field! In this case, Eufy’s promised 400 foot range was truth in advertising. We found this monitor worked well, even if a good distance from the nursery (say, if the parent’s room is upstairs and baby’s room is downstairs).

• Remotely pan, tilt or zoom the monitor. We found this was easy using the controls on the parent unit. Less expensive monitors have fixed cameras.

• Included wall mount.  Helpful for mounting (remember to always keep cords at least five feet from the crib).

What’s Needs Work

• No sound/lights feature. The Eufy monitor has one glaring flaw: it lacks a sound/light display on the parent. We see this on even the cheapest monitors, so it is an odd omission here. The sound/light display is a row of lights on the parent unit that gives you a visual clue as to sound in the nursery even if the volume is turned down. That’s helpful at night.

• No low battery or out of range alert. We prefer monitors that warn you when the battery is low or if you are too far from the camera. Unfortunately, this monitor does neither.

• Poor kickstand. For some odd reason, this monitor’s kickstand doesn’t allow the unit to sit more upright. And the kickstand is off center, which makes it easy to knock over when on a dresser.

Despite these flaws, we still think the Eufy is a worthwhile bet for an upgraded non-WiFi monitor.

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