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What's the best toddler high chair? Toddlers love their independence . . . so a high chair that lets them sit at the table like a big kid is a plus. And even if your child outgrows that baby high chair, they may still need a boost to sit in a regular chair. We tried out 9 high chair models with actual toddlers to find the best bets. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Travel Toddler High Chair

3 height positions are nice
Our toddler testers loved this chair—attached to an adult chair, it brings a child right up to the table. Also nice: compact fold makes it great for road trips. Caveat: tray could be easier to adjust.

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Best Travel Toddler High Chair: Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

We liked this high chair’s easy, compact fold—perfect for travel or just a day at Grandma’s house. 

The metal legs adjust this chair to three height positions, which is most helpful when you want to have your toddler pulled up to the table.

We should point out one caveat with chair: it is designed to ONLY be used when strapped to an adult-size chair (and that chair must be at least 14″ wide, 14″ deep and the back must be 12″ high.)

The Chicco Pocket Snack Booster CANNOT be used by itself on the floor—it would tip over. The maker clearly points this out in the instructions and description of this chair . . . but some folks have missed that warning.

What We Liked

• Lightweight.

• Great for travel.

• Folds flat.

• Three height positions.

• Attaches to adult dining room chair.

What Needs Work

• Tray could be easier to adjust.

• Seat is a bit slippery.

• Could be easier to clean—the legs have nooks and crannies that are food magnets.

• CANNOT be used as a floor seat.

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Best Basic Toddler High Chair

Easy to assemble
If space is tight, this high chair is perfect—it features a compact, quick fold. Also nice: built-in leg rest and three-position tray. Perfect for toddlers.

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Best Basic Toddler High Chair: Cosco Simple Fold High Chair 

Sometimes simple is better: we like this affordable high chair, which features a compact standing fold. It has a sturdy, safe base. 

Why is it great for toddlers? Well, this chair doesn’t have much of a seat recline—that’s fine for toddlers (not so great for younger babies who can’t sit up unassisted). 

And best of all: this high chair quickly folds away . . . great to create more space for toddlers to play.

What We Liked

• Wide base = safe and sturdy. It’s basic high chair physics: in our testing, we know the wide base of chairs like this are safe and sturdy.

• Lightweight—that makes it easier to move around, even if it doesn’t have wheels.

• Standing, flat fold. This feature is important if you don’t have a lot of room in a kitchen—few high chairs have such a compact fold. And even fewer stand when folded.

• Affordable.

• Easy to assemble.

• High weight limit: 50 lbs. That’s impressive.

What Needs Work

• Pad isn’t machine washable. You can only wipe the seat pad; it isn’t removable for washing.

• Not height adjustable. And there is no separate dishwasher-safe insert tray.

• Doesn’t convert to booster seat. 

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Best Camping Toddler Chair

Great for grandparents' house
Loved this affordable travel high chair, which is lightweight and easy to fold. It can be used on the floor or strapped to a chair. Also nice: includes travel bag. Caveat: weight limit is 37 lbs.

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Best Camping Toddler Chair: Regalo My Chair 2-in-1 Portable Travel Booster Seat

Toddler high chairs for the home are nice . . . but if you want to go camping? Or some other road trip?

A portable travel high chair designed for toddlers is a good solution. We like Regalo’s My Chair 2-in-1 Portable Travel Booster Seat in this category—well made and easy to use.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Lightweight and easy to fold.

•  Great for grandparent’s house.

• Affordable.

• Stable base.

• Oversized removable tray.

• Easy to clean mesh fabric.

• Designed for kids aged 9-36 months (up to 37 lbs.).

• Includes carry bag.

What Needs Work

• Tray is on the small side.

• A five-point harness would be a nice addition—this chair only comes with a lap belt.

• Hard to fit in carry bag.

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