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What's the best restaurant-style high chair? Tired of cutesy high chairs that take up a huge amount of room in a kitchen? These commercial-grade high chairs are designed for restaurants and built to last. We tested a half dozen different restaurant-style high chairs before crowning these picks the winners.

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Best Restaurant-Style High Chair, Wood

Look ma, no plastic
The same, all-wood high chair you see in restaurants. Sturdy, affordable and easy to assemble. Small footprint fits nicely in small kitchens.

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Best Restaurant-Style High Chair: Winco CHH-103 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

Yes, this is the same simple high chair you see in restaurants, about 20″ wide and long. That’s much less than a standard high chair with a 30″+ footprint. Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• All wood. If you are tired of plastic high chairs, this one is for you.

• Nothing fancy. Expensive high chairs have all sorts of extra frills (do you really need six height adjustments?)—this chair is for those who want to keep things simple.

• Easy assembly. This chair ships unassembled, but it is easy to assemble with an included allen wrench.

• Three colors. This comes in mahogany, walnut and natural finishes.

Affordable. Yeah, those fancy high chairs from Scandinavia run over four hundred bucks! But why? This gets the job done without a second mortgage on the house.

What Needs Work

• No tray. This high chair works best when you pull it up to a standard-size table—but there is no tray to contain any spills. On the plus side, you are including baby at the table . . . and that is the long term goal anyway.

• Dents/scratches. Take care removing it from the box, as the wood can scratch or dent.

• No wheels. This high chair does not have any wheels—if you drag it across a kitchen, it could damage flooring surfaces.

• Basic three-point harness. We prefer a five-point harness to keep babies from wiggling out of a high chair. You can purchase a five-point harness separately. If you choose to use the included three-point harness, supervise your baby very closely at all times when in the chair!

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Best Restaurant-Style High Chair, Plastic

Industrial-style durability
Super easy clean up, thanks to plastic chair with no seams or crevices. Very durable.

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Best Restaurant-Style High Chair, Plastic: Rubbermaid Commercial Products Sturdy High Chair

What We Liked

• Easy to clean. In our testing, we loved how easy this chair was to clean—no cracks or crevices to catch food. Because there’s no fabric or padding, you can take this chair outside and rinse it off with a garden hose. Brilliant!

• Small footprint. At 27″ in width, this chair is narrower than most high chairs. Great if you don’t have much room in the kitchen.

• Tray included. If you have twins, you can also stack these high chairs to save space.

• Durable. If you are a grandparent and need a high chair to withstand several grandchildren, this one is a good bet.

• Industrial look. Too many high chairs have busy patterns that scream BABY! This simple chair blends into modern kitchens.

What Needs Work

• Not for newborns that can’t sit up. This chair works better for older babies that can sit up unassisted.

• Wheels are extra. Yep, that is a separate purchase. And this high chair doesn’t fold away for storage.

• Pricey. At this price level, you could buy a standard high chair with more functions and adjustments.

Best Restaurant-Style High Chair, Booster

Simple and easy
Affordable, simple booster seat that is easy to clean and hard to destroy. Two height levels.

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Best Restaurant-Style High Chair, Booster: Carlisle 711003 Plastic Dual Seat Restaurant-Style Booster Chair, Black

This simple, affordable booster has two heights and just does it job, without any bells and whistles! Here’s an overview:

What We Liked

• Can survive a nuclear attack. The one-piece molded design made of polyethylene is made like a rock: it won’t chip, crack or split.

• Two height positions. Flip it over for a lower or higher height setting.

• Affordable. Plus anti-skid pads keep it in place on a chair or bench.

What Needs Work

• No strap to secure to chair. Yes, that means it can flop off a kitchen chair if you have a squirmy toddler.

• No harness or tray. This booster is definitely aimed at older toddlers who just need a boost to reach the table.

• Not for chairs with arms. It’s too wide to fit.

• Can slide around on slick wooden chairs.

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