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What are the best powdered milks, if you want cow's, goat or coconut milk? We tried out several different powdered milks before crowning these winners. We judged on taste, quality and affordability. Here are the winners.

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The Best Powdered Milks: Our Taste Tests

With all the new “milks” on the market, we thought it was about time we tested powdered milk to find the best bets.

As always, we do blind taste tests in order to ensure objectivity.

We tried powdered cow’s milk, both regular and organic. We also tried several other types of powdered milk, judging them on overall taste and value. 

Here are the ones we’d recommend.

Best Tried & True Brand

Great taste
Loved this tasty powdered milk, which comes very close to tasting like the non-powdered variety! Great for backcountry cooking.

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Best Goat Powdered Milk

28% more calcium than cow's milk
We liked this goat milk powder made in the USA—no additives, GMO-free, pasteurized. Dissolves easily.

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Best Coconut Powdered Milk

Vegan, organic
Loved the taste! No dairy, no added sugar, no corn syrup, no soy. Very little sugar. Imported from Vietnam. Critics say it doesn't dissolve easily, however.

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Best Whole Powdered Cow's Milk

Convenient jar
Wow, we liked the taste of this powdered milk—it scored at the top of our taste tests. Made in Indiana. Works well as coffee creamer.

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