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What is the best crepe maker? We asked our parent readers for their favorites. Then we turned to the crepe enthusiasts among our staff for their advice. Which are the easiest to use? Cook fast? After 8 hours of research, here is our take on the best crepe makers.

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Best Dipper Style

Dip and flip
Yes, there is a learning curve with this maker, but we loved the results. 8" cooking surface great for smaller crepes (nice when cooking for one).

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Best Dipper Style: Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

Let’s talk crepes!

Whether you say pikelets (as in Australia) or blintz (Eastern Europe), crepes are famous thorough the world. Here is quick crepe 101:

• The biggest difference between crepes and pancakes is the latter has leavening—which makes pancakes more fluffy.

• Brittany, a region in France, is largely credited with the origination of crepes in the 1200’s. Originally made from buckwheat porridge, traditional French crepes are filled with ham, cheese/eggs, sugar and lemon. Nutella, berries and cream are also common.

• The French celebrate crepes each year on February 2, with a holiday called (wait for it) Crepe Day or le jour des crêpes.

When it comes to making crepes, you have two basic choices: a crepe maker (electric skillet) and a crepe pan. 

Why would you want a maker instead of a pan? Crepe makers are best for folks who have electric stoves, where controlling the heat on a crepe pan might be difficult. Crepe makers are designed to reach specific temperatures that allow for even cooking.

Crepe makers come in two styles: dippers and griddles. 

As the name implies, a dipper maker is dipped into batter. Yes, the whole unit is flipped over and the heated surface is dipped into a plate of batter

For griddles, the batter is poured in a small circle, where it is spread by a wooden tool (rateau). 

After consulting with the crepe enthusiasts among our parent readers and doing eight hours of research to compare options (including interviewing a crepe maker at a local fair), we picked Moos & Stone as the best crepe maker (dipper style).

What We Liked

• Heats up quickly.

• Plate is right depth for dipping.

• Takes about 20 seconds for each crepe.

• Auto temp control.

• Easy to clean (with exception noted below).

• Cooks fast.

• 8″ surface great for smaller crepes (for one or two people).

What Needs Work

• Sometimes batter won’t release.

• Learning curve.

• Short cord.

• Batter can run off sides and onto counter—or get stuck in seam on side of unit, which is hard to clean.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Also great for fried eggs
We loved this griddle, which is super easy to use and to clean. Also nice: included accessories like a wooden spreader. Caveat: we wish it had no-slip feet to keep from sliding.

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Best Budget Friendly: Chefman Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

Yes, some fancy crepe plans can get rather expensive—but there is good news: this griddle is both easy to use . . . and easy on the wallet. This reader favorite is very good quality.

What We Liked

• Easy to clean.

• Great for larger crepes up to 12″.

• Heats up fast.

 • Cooks quickly with 1000 watt element.

• Temperature control knob.

• Includes wooden spreader and spatula.

What Needs Work

• Unit can slide around on a countertop.

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Best Adjustable Heat

Rubber feet keep it in place
The 12-inch non-stick surface is the star feature here—this maker is super easy to use and clean. Nice touch: includes wooden spreader and a recipe book.

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Best Adjustable Heat: 12” Griddle & Crepe Maker

Many crepe makers we researched often had a single temperature or at best, two settings. This model by CucinaPro has five settings—and that is most helpful if you want prefer more crispy crepes. Or certain crepes from other cultures may be traditionally made fluffier or crispy, which requires different heat settings. This maker is an excellent choice if that is your goal.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• 5 temperature settings—great for more crispy crepes.

• Easy to clean.

• Surface has small lip.

• Includes recipe book.

• Includes wooden spreader.

What Needs Work

• Be careful to protect the non-stick surface by using butter or oil (not non-stick sprays).

• No spatula.

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Best For Versatility

Also great for pancakes
We loved the extra power here (1200 watts), which is great if you also want to do regular pancakes . . . although it makes excellent crepes! Also great: top removes for cleaning.

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Best For Versatility: Electric Griddle Crepe Maker Cooktop

If you live in an apartment or dorm (where they allow griddles), you may want a crepe maker that also cook eggs and other items. For this, we recommend a griddle that goes up to 1200 watts (others we reviewed in this article top out at 1000 watts). That extra wattage is helpful to cook more things . . . yet this model still does an excellent job at crepes. The adjustable temperature control is great for eggs as well.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Top removes, making it easier to clean than other models.

• Includes recipes.

• More powerful burner (1200 watts) great for also cooking other items like eggs.

• Great size at 12″.

• Non-stick surface is easy to clean.

What Needs Work

• No included tools.

• Takes a bit of time to get to correct temperature.

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