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What are the best ping pong paddles? We spoke with 17 ping pong enthusiasts among our book readers (1.3 million strong!) to find out their favorite ping pong paddles. Which were best for beginners? More advanced table tennis fans? Best budget-friendly finds? Here are the ones we recommend to you!

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Best Ping Pong Paddles Set Of 4

Four paddles + eight balls
This bundle strikes the right balance between quality and price—paddles have concave handles with good grip and right amount of sponginess. Includes travel bag.

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Best Ping Pong Paddles Set Of 4: NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set

When we asked ping pong enthusiasts what their favorite bundle of paddles and balls were, Nibiru Sport came up time and time again. Their set with four paddles and eight 3-star balls hits the sweet spot—better than the super-cheap ping pong sets that are poor quality . . . but not so crazy expensive as the paddles/balls aimed at more professional table tennis aficionados.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Sweat-resistant paddle with concave wood design.

• Rubber on paddles is 1.5mm thick—just right and not too spongy.

• Affordable.

• Paddles have nice grip.

• Includes travel bag.

What Needs Work

• Sticky. We see reports that sometimes this set arrives with paddles that are a bit sticky. We didn’t have that issue, however.

• Wood handles can crack after long-term use.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle Overall

For beginners who want to up their game
Loved this paddle for its overall quality—flared handle, one side has pips for different effects. Includes gift box. 4 colors. Very nice quality.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle Overall: Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle

If you just want to buy a single paddle, we recommend Killerspin’s JET200. Excellent quality—and it even comes in a gift box.  This is the paddle that our more advanced ping pong enthusiasts said was a best bet.

What We Liked

• Great for spin. 

• One side of paddle is pimpled. Also (mistakenly) called pimps or nips, these raised tubes on the rubber allow for different effects. Pimples or pips are a sign of a quality paddle.

• Rubber is 1.67 mm.

• 4 colors.

• Gift box.

What Needs Work

• Heavy.

• Pricey.

• Can’t be used in regulation play.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle Gift Set

Speed 85, Spin 86 and control 87
We liked the overall quality here—4 paddles with medium-soft sponge rubber, and ergonomic flared handles. Also includes nice carry case and 8 high-quality balls.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle Gift Set: JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle 4 pack

If you looking for a good ping pong paddle set to give as a gift, we’d suggest JP WinLook’s 4 pack set. This includes 3 paddles and 8 3-star balls.

What We Liked

• Rubber pad with medium-soft sponge. This is a nice balance between performance and weight.

• Professional-quality paddles with 5-ply wood blade.

• Includes nice carry case.

• High quality, 3-star balls.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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Best Ping Pong Paddle + Ball Set

Carbon rod core
Pricey but great quality set of 2 paddles and 4 balls. We liked the light weight paddle, which has a comfortable ergonomic grip. Firm rubber with thin sponge.

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Best 2 Ping Pong Paddle + Ball Set: Franklin Sports Elite Pro Carbon Core Paddle Sets

Franklin Sports is one the better known brands in table tennis—this family-owned company has a wide variety of paddles and sets in various price ranges. (Franklin actually started out making baseball batting gloves and is probably best known for their baseball and football gear).

We like their Elite Pro Carbon Core paddle set if you are looking for a two-paddle set that also includes four 3-star balls. It is definitely a step up from low-end sets sold at a discount.

What We Liked

• Light weight.

• Comfortable grip.

• Sturdy paddle with carbon rod core. This helps absorb vibrations.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Carbon rod handle is fragile.

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