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What's the best gas can? To find out, we tried several brands. Then we asked our parent readers for their favorites—especially those folks who've been through a hurricane or two! That's when gas cans become a hot commodity. After all that research, here are the ones we recommend.

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Finding the Best Gas Can: Tips & Tricks

When it comes to natural disasters, having a gas can around can be a lifesaver—it can fill a generator, gas-powered chain saw and more. 

Of course, having a gas can around is great for other mundane needs . . . like filling a car with gas when you ignored that low fuel light!

We asked our readers for their real world experiences and brand recommendations. We then tried out a few ourselves. Along the way, we learned a few tips and tricks:

• New gas cans must have safety locks—and they can be a pain to use. You have to press a button to make the gas flow—and some folks find this difficult, especially when wielding a 5 gallon can full of gas (you basically need a third hand). Many folks replace the spouts with safety locks with third-party spouts that are easier to pour.

• How long is the spout? To fill a vehicle gas tank, you need a longer spout . . . and not every gas can is ideal for this. 

• Gas spoils. Fuel loses its potency over time (especially when exposed to air). If you want to keep gas around for an emergency, consider rotating it every year. And consider using an additive to extend the life of the gasoline.

• What’s the best weight? After trying out several gas cans, we think a two or 2.5 gallon gas can is probably best for most chores around a house. That said, we know five gallon gas cans are most popular—but remember: when full, a five gallon gas can weighs about 38 lbs. That can be hard for some folks to hoist.

After several hours of research, here are the gas cans we recommend.

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Best Gas Can 5 Gallons

Good safety features
We loved this sturdy can with its easy-to-use design—the spout extension is great. A few dissenters wished the spout was even longer, especially for fueling a vehicle.

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Best Gas Can 2 Gallons

Easier to lift
This gas can is easy on wallet, but gets the job done. We liked the quick flow spout, but a few critics note you need two hands to pour it. The safety switch on the spout could be easier to use.

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Best Gas Can For Generators

Made in the USA
We liked this 5 gallon gas can for mowers and generators—yes, the spout is short, but it works well for these uses. Fuel flow rate (3 gallons a minute) is quite fast.

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Best Gas Can Double Handle

Better control when fueling
Having a double handle on a gas can is most helpful—especially when wielding a heavy 5 gallon can like this one. We loved the design and light overall weight. Caveat: the nozzle is short, however.

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