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What are the best patriotic decorations for your next party or celebration? We researched and compared 10 different options, looking for quality and value. Here are the winners!

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Best Budget-Friendly Patriotic Decorations

Can be folded for storage and reused
We loved this festive and colorful pack with a wide variety of items: fans, pompoms, flags and stars. Good bang for the buck. This set is probably best for indoor decor.

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Best Budget-Friendly Patriotic Decorations: 29 Piece 4th of July Patriotic Decorations Set

We thought this decoration set provided the best value of all the options we researched. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Large variety of decor. We liked the six different sized paper fans, 12 hanging swirls, as well as the package of red, white and blue stars.

• Great for indoor decorating.

• Long term use—you can fold and store most of the items in this set.

• Colorful and easy to assemble. 

What Needs Work

• Not so good for outdoor decor, especially if there is wind. We liked the paper fans and pom poms, but they are better off indoors than out!

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Best Patriotic Decorations For Small Spaces

Easy to assemble
High quality decor with bright colors is perfectly sized for a smaller space. We liked the paper fans in three sizes best, although all of it is nicely designed.

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Best Patriotic Decorations For Small Spaces: Whaline 14 Piece Patriotic Party Decorations Set

For a smaller space, we thought Whaline’s 14 piece set was a good bet—nice quality, variety and (for the most part) easy to assemble. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Pretty flower balls in red, white and blue.

• Most are easy to assemble.

• Can fold for storage.

What Needs Work

• Tissue paper balls somewhat more difficult to assemble. You have to fluff the tissue up to make it work.

• Star garland smaller than other sets we researched. Not a big deal if you are dealing with a smaller space, of course!

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Best Patriotic Decorations For Large Spaces

Great bang for the buck
Balloons! Balloons! Balloons! We loved both the latex and foil balloons in this set, along with ribbon, fans, swirls and even sunglasses. Very nice quality.

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Best Patriotic Decorations For Large Spaces: Marte & Joven 45 Piece Patriotic Decorations

If you’ve got a bigger space to decorate, this 45-piece set offers great bang for the buck. Yes, 45 pieces! Here’s more detail:

What We Liked

• Foil balloons! This set has 7 foil balloons in addition to a dozen latex ones.

• Paper fans, sunglasses.

• Bag of star confetti. 

What’s Needs Work

• A couple of the balloons didn’t inflate in the set we looked at—they had small holes. Other than that, we thought the quality was good.

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Best Lighted Patriotic Decoration

Stunning! Bright!
For an outdoor celebration, we thought this lighted flag was a best bet. At nearly six feet long, the bright 420 LED lights in red, white and blue make a nice statement. One caveat: the plug isn't waterproof.

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Best Lighted Patriotic Decoration: American Flag Lights

For a night-time celebration where you’d like a lighted decoration, we recommend this LED lighted American Flag by HYH. This impressive flag is six and half feet long by three and a quarter feet wide. It’s super bright. Here’s more on why we like it:

What We Liked


• LED lights don’t use much energy. 

• Affordable.

• 10 foot cord.

What Needs Work

• Care needed in handling. The wires holding the lights are thin and can break.

• Plug isn’t waterproof. 

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