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What is the best garden flag? We surveyed gardening enthusiasts among our readers and looked at a dozen different flag options—from single welcome flags to flag sets you can change by the month. Here are the ones we think are best.

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Best Welcome Garden Flag

Burlap printed fabric = no fading
We liked this simple, elegant welcome flag best—double sided, and heat-pressed on burlap for a rustic feel. Neutral colors so you can leave it up year round.

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Best Welcome Garden Flag: Welcome Magnolia Leaves Wreath Small Garden Flag

It’s a nice crowning touch for your garden—a simple flag that announces welcome . . . or celebrates a festive change of season.

The most popular garden flag is a straight-forward welcome message. We liked BLKWHT’s welcome flag the best—here’s why.

FYI: All the flags mentioned in this article do not come with a stand. If you need a simple stand that will withstand the elements, we’d recommend Hooson’s Garden Flag Stand. Nice size, good quality and works with all the flags we recommend in this article.

What We Liked

• Burlap fabric = durable! This flag can withstand storms and sunlight with no fading.

• Neutral colors, works year round.

• Double sided.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Not weighted. That means wind can blow it off the stand if it hits it just right.

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Best Budget-Friendly Garden Flag Set

Double sided, colorful
For the best garden flag set that's easy on the wallet, we recommend this 10 flag collection. The UV coating keeps them from fading and the material is durable.

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Best Budget-Friendly Garden Flag Set: Seasonal Garden Flags Set of 10

If you want to swap out flags as the seasons change, we thought Beautiful Life’s garden flag set was a good deal. Gardeners we interviewed liked the quality and the colorful designs.

What We Liked


• UV resistant coating = less fading over time. That doesn’t mean these flags will never fade in direct sunlight. The coating makes them last longer!

• Double sided designs.

• Nice variety.

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Best Garden Flag Home Sweet Home

Neutral colors work year round
Simple, elegant and printed on burlap to withstand the weather. We liked the elegant, double-sided design. Affordable!

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Best Garden Flag Home Sweet Home: BLKWHT Home Sweet Home Garden Flag

This flag is the same material and quality of the welcome flag we recommended at the top of this article. The classic, nuetral colors work year round. We liked the durable burlap fabric. The design is heat pressed so it doesn’t fade.

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Best Garden Flag Set

More flags = more fun
We loved this 14-flag set to celebrate spring, summer, autumn and everything in between. Nice quality illustrations. We also liked the included wind clip, to keep them in place!

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Best Festive Garden Flag Set: Warmfits Garden Flags, set of 14

If you want more flags than our above pick, we would recommend Warmfits set of 14 garden flags. These 13″ x 19″ flags are made from polyester material with a cloth insert, so the back of the flag doesn’t bleed through to the front in the sunshine.

What We Liked

• Wind clips! If you want to keep your flag centered, these clips will do the job.

• Nice variety of designs.

• Cute illustrations.

• Less fading than other garden flags we researched.

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