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What are the best dehumidifiers for safes and other small spaces? We tested a dozen different dehumidifiers in closets and cars to find the ones that did the best job. When it comes to safes, we looked at dehumidifiers that kept the temperature and humidity at a constant level. Here are the winners.

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Best Cordless Small Dehumidifier

Rechargeable, lasts 3-4 weeks
We loved this affordable, simple dehumidifier that works well in closets, safes and other small spaces. We just hung it up and it did its thing. Recharging just took a few hours.

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Best Cordless Small Dehumidifier: Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

We loved this cordless mini dehumidifier for closets, safes and bathrooms. Here’s how it works: you hang it up and it lasts for 20 to 30 days, absorbing up to six ounces of moisture from the air. A visual indicator tells you when it needs recharging, turning orange. Then you plug it into an outlet—no cord needed. This heats up the desiccant inside it and then it is ready to reuse.

In our tests, the Eva Dry did a fantastic job at dehumidifying small spaces, like a safe or closet. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Works for three or four weeks before recharging.

• Affordable.

• Easy to use.

• Eco-friendly. This dehumidifier only uses a tiny amount of electricity to recharge.

What Needs Work

• Leaking beads? We didn’t see this in our tests, but we see reports that sometimes the desiccant beads can leak out of the Eva Dry. It might be a good thing to look out for, but we’re not sure why it happened to some folks.

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Best Plug-In Small Dehumidifier

Keeps safe at same temp, humidity
For safes, we like this rod-style dehumidifier. It did a good job of warming the air and keeping an enclosed space at a constant temp.

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Best Plug-In Small Dehumidifier: LOCKDOWN GoldenRod Dehumidifier Rod

A rod-style dehumidifier must be plugged in to work—it works by slightly heating the air in an enclosed space (like a safe). We tried a couple of plug-in dehumidifiers and thought LOCKDOWN’s 18″ GoldenRod was the best of the bunch.

What We Liked

 Six food cord that can be fished out the back of a safe.

• Different sizes available—the one we recommend in this article is 12″, but there are also 18″ and 24″ lengths available for different size safes.

• Thin size fits into small spaces.

• Made in USA.

• Easy to install.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t actually remove water from air. This is true for all rod dehumidifiers—they just stabilize and warm the air in a safe or other enclosed space. This slightly dries out the air and prevents overly humid air.

• May work best with a dessicant humidifier. Which is an extra expense.

• Hot to the touch. The rod heats up to 115 to 120 degrees.

• Probably not the best choice for closets. This rod humidifier should not touch clothes in a closet or items in safe.

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Best Dehumidifier For Cars, RVs

Small yet effective
We liked this compact size dehumidifier for cars, trucks and RVs—it is affordable and does the job! Microwave for 5 minutes to recharge.

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Best Dehumidifier For Cars, RVs: Zarpax LV-A300-US Reusable Car Auto Truck Van SUV and RV Dehumidifier

If you live in a humid area (we are looking at you, New Orleans . . . Houston . . . Jacksonville), your car (or truck or SUV) will trap a good amount of humidity. That leads to musty odors, mold and worse. After testing a few small dehumidifiers for vehicles, we liked Zarpax’s small pillow-like dehumidifier. It absorbs moisture  and can be recharged in a microwave. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Affordable.

• Easy to use. An indicator patch turns from blue to pink to indicate it’s time to recharge it.

• Microwaveable. Yes, you just pop this in a microwave for five minutes and it dries out, ready to use again.

• Small size fits tight spaces. 

What’s Needs Work

• Make sure microwave is correct wattage (600 watts). If not, this dehumidifier can catch fire in a microwave!

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