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Watching your baby's weight is an important part of a newborn's growth and development. We tested 9 baby scales, checking for ease of use, accuracy and affordability. Looking for an app-enabled baby scale? Or one that converts to use for older kiddos and adults? Here are the winners.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Minimalist design, accurate scale
If you don't need fancy bells and whistles, this simple scale does its job well. Accurate, easy to read and use. Loved the large, backlit LCD display.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

We know, why spend a fortune on a baby scale when you use it for a short period of time? We hear you—and you don’t have to spend a fortune to find an accurate, easy to use scale. For best budget-friendly baby scale, we thought Beuerer has the best bang for the buck. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Minimalist design. There’s no extra baby tray. Instead the unit’s sides are curved to keep a fussy baby from rolling off the scale. We also liked the no-skid rubber feet.

• Accurate.

• Measures down to tenth of a pound (or 5 grams).

• Batteries are included. The scale runs on two AA batteries.

• Auto hold and manual hold functions. The manual hold lets you take a quick measurement in case your baby is squirmy.

• Affordable.

What’s Needs Work

• Switch for units is on bottom of scale? Yes, you can switch among ounces, pounds and kilograms—but why the maker put this switch on the back of the scale is a mystery to us.

• Only weighs down to tenth of a pound. That means if you weight your child at, say, 15.3 pounds and your doctor wants the weight in pounds and ounces, you have to do some math.

• Only works up to 44 pounds for toddlers. That’s less than other scales. And toddlers have to be weighed sitting down, since the curved tray makes it harder to stand up to be weighed.

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Best App-Enabled

Tracks weight via smartphone
Excellent scale that sends measurements to easy-to-use app, to track your baby's weight. Very accurate. Liked the compact design with folding tray. Weighs down to tenth of an ounce.

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Best App Enabled: GreaterGoods Smart Baby Scale

Most baby scales we tested had one glaring omission when it came to features: no way to automatically track weight in an smartphone app. And yes, there are expensive scales that do this, but we thought GreaterGood’s Smart Baby Scale did a great job at a price that is much easier on the wallet. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Bluetooth enabled, sends weight measurements automatically to smart phone app. We thought the app was easy to use and well designed.

• Accurate scale.

• Bright, large backlit display. 

• Converts to scale for toddlers up to 66 lbs.

• Compact design with folding tray. That was unique—most scales we tested didn’t have an infant tray that folded.

• Low battery warning. 

• More resolution than other scales we tested. This scale works down to tenths of an ounce or thousandths (.001) of a kilogram.

What’s Needs Work

• 4 AAA Batteries not included. Really? Couldn’t the maker have thrown that in?

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Best Scale Overall

Easiest to use
Loved this scale, which includes a large LCD display that is easy to read. Has more resolution—down to half an ounce—than other scales we tested. Converts to toddler scale.

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Best Scale Overall: Health O Meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale

After trying out several different baby scales and checking them for accuracy and ease of use, we picked Health O Meter’s scale as the best bet. It can measure down to half an ounce (or a tenth of a kilogram), which is adequate for most users. Here’s more on why we liked the scale best:

What We Liked

• Curved infant tray with security lock to keep baby from rolling off.

• Large read-out and easy to use controls. The LCD display is 1.2″ tall and easy to see.

• Accurate.

• Converts to a toddler scale up to 60 lbs. And, yes, it is a cute teddy bear shape!

• Works on 9 volt battery. 

• Hold feature that helps capture weight if baby squirms.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Not as accurate with squirmy babies. Yes, this scale has a hold feature that is supposed to get a weight even if baby moves around—but we found that was not as accurate.

• Doesn’t store last weight. You have to keep track your baby’s weight the old fashioned way—with pencil and paper. (Or we suppose a baby milestone app).

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Best Multi-Function

Converts to scale for kids, adults
We liked the longer-use design of this scale, which morphs into a scale for toddlers, kids and even adults up to 220 lbs. We also liked the height measurements for infants.

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Best Multi-Function: MOMMED Baby Scale, Multi-Function

If you are looking for a baby scale that can convert to one for older kiddos and even adults, we’d suggest the MOMMED baby scale. We tried out a few models that claim to be convertible, but we thought this one was the best bet.

What We Liked

 Easy to set up. We liked the bright LCD display.

• Converts to scale for toddlers, kiddos and even adults (up to 220 lbs).

• Lightweight.

• Measures down to tenth of a pound. This is helpful if you are doing weighted feedings.

• Tray is marked with measurements to track baby’s height.

• Also can be used as a pet scale.

What Needs Work

• Height measurements only in centimeters! We confess—we’d prefer inches to these metric measurements.

• Goes through lots of batteries. This model uses AA batteries (versus the 9 volt batteries used by other scales). For some reason, it used more batteries than other scales we tested.

• Pricey.

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