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What is the best baby blanket? Babies love snug places! Hence, the never-ending popularity of blankets! But not all blankets are the same—some are used for specific purposes and others are more general-use. Here's our top picks.

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The Best Baby Blanket

The Best Baby Blanket. A blanket is a blanket right? Well, when it comes to blankets for babies, there are three main types: swaddling, wearable and receiving. After testing and comparing 17 different blanket brands, here are our picks:

Best Swaddling Blanket

Pre-washed—and machine washable
Excellent quality and a generous size makes swaddling easy for novices. We love the soft fabric. And they come in cute patterns too!

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Best Swaddling Blanket

Babies love snug places, especially for the first six to eight weeks of life. At the hospital, a nurse will most likely show you the burrito wrap swaddle method—in a nutshell, babies arms are snugly wrapped, but the legs are loose enough for movement. Why keep the legs loose? This is to prevent the bones in the hip from not forming correctly (also called hip dysplasia).

In our testing, these blankets made of muslin by Aden + Anais were judged the best for swaddling and overall quality.

One important point: STOP swaddling your baby after eight weeks. From that point on, they need the freedom of movement to correctly develop! And no, you don’t need any of those “swaddle transition” products . . . babies can quit cold turkey from swaddling at eight weeks of age. No need for a transition.



Best Wearable Blanket

Inverted zipper = easy to diaper
We love this all-cotton wearable blanket—soft and easy to use. Our favorite version is their all-cotton wearable blanket (for winter babies, there are fleece options as well).

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Best Wearable Blanket

Wearable blankets are designed for sleep, keeping babies warm without the risk of sleep safety issues. Also called sleep sacks, these blankets zip up the front and are designed to keep baby warm.

Why can’t you just use a swaddle or receiving blanket for sleep? Well, those can be become unsecured during sleep . . . and that poses a hazard to baby.

HALO popularized the wearable blanket concept when they launched the SleepSack in the mid 1990’s after founder Bill Schmid lost his eight week old daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. His goal was to create a safer sleep environment for babies by eliminating loose blankets in a crib.

The SleepSack won top honors in our testing of nine other “wearable blankets” for its overall design, durability and quality. Our readers also name HALO as a fave, saying it was easier to use and washed well even after multiple wearings.

Best Receiving Blanket

All purpose, easy on the wallet
If you want a traditional receiving blanket, we recommend these 100% cotton flannel blankets. Great to have around the house or throw in the diaper bag.

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