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What are the best American flag stickers and decals? We rounded up a dozen different stickers and tried them out on trucks and cars to see what looked the best. Which were most durable? Reflective? Vibrant? Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Reflective American Flag Stickers

Cool black and white design
Impressive! This sticker looks great on a car or truck. Printed on quality vinyl that reflects light, it is UV- and water-resistant. 3-pack.
$7.99 ($2.66 / Count)

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Best Reflective American Flag Stickers: CREATRILL Reflective Subdued American Flag Sticker

We tried out several reflective flag stickers before deciding CREATRILL’s 3-pack American flag sticker is the best bet—basically, a very good quality sticker that looks impressive.

What We Liked

• 3M reflective vinyl. 

• Weatherproof.

• UV and water resistant.

• Subdued black and white design.

• Other colors available. There is a full color, blue line and mixed color line designs as well.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Thin. If you were looking for a thicker car decal flag sticker, read on—we have some picks for that below. We thought the overall thickness was fine, however.

• Not as reflective as some folks expected. It looked very reflective to us when we tried it at night on a truck, but we realize this is subjective. Best American Flag Stickers And Decals

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Best Vibrant American Flag Stickers

Very bright, doesn't fade
We loved this American flag sticker decal for just about any surface—water resistant and easy to apply. Caveat: it has a thin white border, which bothers some.
$5.99 ($3.00 / Count)

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Best Vibrant American Flag Stickers: Freedom Products American Flag Bumper Sticker

When it comes to traditional American flag stickers, we looked for one key feature: how bright are the colors? You’d think stickers would be similar in terms of vibrancy, but after looking at several we thought Freedom Products American Flag Bumper Sticker (two-pack) was the brightest.

What We Liked

 Wow! Very bright colors.

• Easy to apply.

• Weather resistant.

• Surface-safe adhesive. You can stick this on metal, glass, vinyl, plastic . . . it works well in different applications that we tried.

What Needs Work

• White border. This flag sticker has a thin white border. It didn’t bother us, but we realize some folks want a border-less sticker. In that case, you have to do a bit of trimming. Just a FYI in case this is important!

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Best American Flag Sticker Decal for Cars

Super bright colors
We recommend this vivid 3-pack of American Flag stickers for use on vehicles—very good quality, vibrant and fade resistant.
$6.45 ($2.15 / Count)

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Best American Flag Sticker Decal for Cars: Anley 5 x 3 inch American US Flag Decal

For a sticker you want to put on a truck or car, you want something both durable, bright and reflective. We tried out several different options before deciding Anley’s Flag Decal is the best bet for most folks. Affordable, it comes in a 3-pack and is nice quality.

What We Liked

• Very reflective!

• Bright colors are fade resistant. We’ve had one outside for a month and don’t see any change in the brightness.

• Easy to apply.

What Needs Work

• Packaging could be better. The stickers we ordered didn’t have any issues, but we see some reports that package was folded, causing creases in the stickers. It would be nice if the packaging was more robust.

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Best Subdued Look

Top quality
Loved this fade-resistant decal printed on outdoor vinyl. Matte or gloss finishes available, as well as various color combinations. Looks sharp!

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Best Subdued Look: Classic Biker Gear Subdued American Flags Tactical Military Flag USA Decal

We asked for feedback from our readers who wanted a flag decal for their vehicles. One key feature folks liked: thicker decals that have a bit more dimension. So we tried out a half dozen different options, judging them on quality, weather resistance and value.

The winner: this 2 pack from Classic Biker Gear. The subdued black and white design is striking. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to apply.

• 10 colors available. If you don’t like the subdued look, there several other choices: matte, glossy, grey and so on. There’s also a white reflective flag that looks quite amazing.

• High quality vinyl. You can feel the difference with this decal.

• Weather resistant

• Subtle design.

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Best American Flag Stickers And Decals

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