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What are the best electric scooters for adults? To find out, we did a deep dive into the scooter world—13 hours of research. Along the way, we asked our readers for their favorites and real-world experiences. Then we interviewed three experts in the scooter industry. Finally, we tried out several scooters ourselves. Here are the ones we recommend.

FYI: We've been reviewing and rating products for the home and families since 1994. We don't take money or freebies from the brands we review. Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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Best For Short Commutes

Super easy to fold
Impressive performance at a weight (27 lbs.) that makes it easy to carry. Brake is easy to use and the battery lasts for up to 12 miles. Engaging cruise control takes a bit of practice, however.

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Best For Short Commutes: Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

Let’s talk scooters for adults.

This article focuses on scooters for folks who are looking to commute small distances—most of these recommended scooters have a range of nine to 15 miles.

We interviewed three experts in the scooter industry and then spoke to several of our readers who commute by scooter. Here are some of the key points we learned:

• Battery usage will always be better in temperate weather. Battery time will decline if temperatures are too hot or cold.

• Practice, practice, practice. Most scooters have a learning curve, especially those that are kick-to-start.

• 100 percent focus! Riding on a scooter requires a laser-like focus on road conditions, keeping an eye out for rocks and other obstacles.

After researching 27 different scooter models and comparing real-world tests, we think the Gotrax GXL is the best bet for small commutes. With a range of up to 12 miles at a max speed of 15 miles per hour, this scooter has an impressive bang for the buck. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Bright headlight.

• Great for short distances.

• Easy to carry at 27 lbs.

• Hand brake was easy to use.

• Tires have shock absorbers.

• Folds in one easy step.

What Needs Work

• Can be slow going up hills. This scooter claims it can go up an incline at 14 degrees . . . but it is slow going, based on real world feedback.

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Best For Level Commutes

Easy to maneuver
The battery life on this scooter is the star feature here—13.7 miles on a single charge. We also liked the ability to add an external battery to increase range and power.

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Best For Level Commutes: Segway Ninebot E22 Electric Kick Scooter

If your commute is mostly flat terrain, this scooter is an excellent choice. Another key feature: you can purchase an external battery to increase range and top speed. We liked that flexibility, in case the range (13.7 miles) is too little for a commute to and from work.

What We Liked

 Easy to maneuver. 

• App enables you to customize features.

• Electric and mechanical brake works well.

• 28 lb. weight makes it easy enough to carry around.

What Needs Work

• Not so good on hills.

• No suspension to absorb bumps.

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Best Scooter with Seat

Fun to ride
Fast, fun and long range—this scooter ticks all the right boxes. We liked the long range and solid rubber tires (no flats). Yes, it is heavy (48.1 lbs.), but very well designed.

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Best Scooter with Seat: Hiboy S2 S2 Pro Electric Scooter with Seat

If you have a long commute, a scooter with a seat is a good solution—this model is our best bet in that category, based on our research and interviews with scooter enthusiasts.

You can ride this scooter with or without the seat . . . and it is heavier than other models in this article. The trade-off is longer range and more power (great for hills).

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Fun to ride.

• Excellent brakes.

• Great battery life with 25.6 mile range.

• Easy to assemble.

• Detachable seat.

• Very bright headlight.

What Needs Work

• Board could be wider. 

• Must tighten handlebar from time to time.

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Best for Young Adults

Sport mode for hills
While the range is on the shorter end of the scale (12.4 miles), this scooter is a blast to ride and easy to assemble. Excellent acceleration and easy to carry.

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Best for Young Adults: Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter

This simpler scooter is our pick for younger adults—fewer fancy features than others we researched, yet solid in performance at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

What We Liked

• Fun to ride.

• Smooth handling.

• Lightweight at 24.9 lbs.

• Easy to carry.

• Easy to assemble.

• Decent range at 12.4 miles.

What Needs Work

• Can be unsteady on bumpy roads. That’s why we think it is better for younger adults, as they have better balance!

How We Pick Products To Recommend

We often turn to our readers (3 million strong!) to find products to recommend. We ask our parent readers for their favorites and consider their real-world experiences in our recommendations.

When we test a product, we always purchase it with our our own monies. We do not take free samples, as we believe that compromises our independence.

We also fact check manufacturer information with our own measurements. If a maker claims a product weighs X pounds, we will weigh it to make sure. If the battery life is supposed to be six hours, we will see how it stands up in the real world.

In some cases, we will do interviews with experts in the field to get additional feedback on products.

To get hands-on time with products, we regularly meet one-on-one with gear companies and even tour manufacturing facilities. (When we do this, we pay our own travel expenses).

Why Trust Us

We’ve been rating and reviewing products for the home and families since 1994. We do extensive research, evaluating products with an eye toward quality, ease of use and affordability.

We make our living off of affiliate commissions, but we always recommend what we think are the best bets for our readers (not the ones that are the most expensive). We are always looking for products that offer the best bang for the buck.

Our independence is a key reason why we have been doing this so long. As we mentioned above, when we purchase a product for hands-on testing, we do so with our own money.

Here’s another key point: we don’t take money from the brands we review. No free samples, no sponsors, no “partnerships.” Our work is 100% reader-supported!

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