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Baby Jogger literally invented the jogging stroller category 30 years ago when they outfitted a stroller with bicycle tires, designed for runners. The company’s 2003 bankruptcy was probably the best thing that ever happened to the brand—new ownership refocused the brand on lightweight, easy-to-fold strollers with great success. Yes, the company has drifted away from its “jogger” roots, but its multi-function strollers have legions of fans. In 2015, Baby Jogger was acquired by Graco and is now part of their family of baby gear.

The models. Baby Jogger has two main stroller lines: small compact tri-wheel models designed for the city (example: the City Mini) and multi-function models that can expand from single to double under the City Select brand. And yes, the Baby Jogger still has a all-terrain model, the Summit, that you could actually jog with (but we wouldn’t recommend it—more on this in a minute).

The secret sauce to the City Mini is Baby Jogger’s Quick-Fold technology: pull up on one strap and zip! The stroller collapses and folds. No complicated buttons or latches. No multi-step process. The Quick-Fold has super-sized Baby Jogger’s sales of the City series, which boasts four models: the Mini, Mini GT, Premier and Select.

The tri-wheel City Mini (single $260, 17.1 lbs.; double $460, 26.6 lbs.) is Baby Jogger’s best-selling stroller, featuring a full recline and large canopy. In a recent refresh, the City Mini got a few tweaks: a slightly larger seat, an easier to access storage basket, new frame, adjustable footrest and an auto lock feature when the stroller is folded.

The one disadvantage to the City Mini? The fold isn’t very compact. And some folks prefer four wheels to three. Baby Jogger City Tour ($200) answers those needs with a very compact fold, plus a nearly full seat recline and carry bag. With smaller wheels than the City Mini and a 14 lb. weight, the Tour is designed more for travel or city environs where you need to maneuver in tight spaces.

In 2019, Baby Jogger plans to release an updated Tour, called the Tour2. Improvements will include a new lay flat seat, improved fold and adjustable footrests that improve basket access. We don’t have a release date or pricing as of this writing. Here’s a look at the improved fold.

Also new for 2019: there will be a double version of the City Tour, wait for it—the City Tour Double. Here’s a preview:

New in 2018, Baby Jogger released the City Tour Deluxe ($300). It accepts an infant car seat or a foldable pram and comes with an adjustable foot rest and auto lock. The fold is the same as the City Tour but with the extra features, the weight goes up to 20.7 lbs. Like the Tour, it will come with a carry bag.

If you’re having twins, a Tour Double ($400) may be in your future. While it will take two prams, the Tour Double will not accept car seats.

To appeal more to off-road users, the City Mini GT ($350, 21.5 lbs.) adds bigger, no-flat tires, as well as an adjustable handle bar with brake, a redesigned seat/canopy that provides more headroom, and an easier to access storage basket. New features for 2019 include a new frame, adjustable foot rest, car seat adapter in the box and new fabrics.

Multi-function strollers that morph from a single to double stroller are a big part of the Baby Jogger line-up: the City Select is sort of like the Swiss Army Knife of strollers. It can be configured 16 ways (see right), with an optional second seat. With a telescoping handle and foam tires, the City Select (28.1 lbs.) costs $475 (plus $170 for the second seat). A bassinet accessory is $93.

Baby Jogger City Select stroller

The City Select morphs into 16 different configurations!

Baby Jogger has released a “lux” version of City Select, cleverly named the Baby Jogger City Select LUX. The LUX adds five more configurations, including a jump seat that can be used up to 45 lbs. The seat on the LUX version folds in a more compact manner—making the stroller 30% smaller when folded. At 28.4 lbs., the LUX is roughly the same weight as the original model.  We like the new added rear wheel suspension. It out now for $629.

In 2019, the Baby Jogger City Select gets a series new, muted fashions. Out are the bright jewel tones (red, purple) and in are muted pastels and earthtones. The fabrics will also be upgraded to a more “premium material,” says the brand.

Also in 2019, Baby Jogger is adding a fifth member to the City Family: The City Elite. There was a City Elite a few years ago, but Baby Jogger sent it to the stroller graveyard in 2016 . . . only to bring it back to life again. The 2019 version will feature upgraded large wheels that aren’t air-filled (the previous Elite had that). Those wheels ride on a beefed-up suspension for a smoother glide. And there are little tweaks: easier access to the basket and an adjustable footrest. No pricing yet, but we expect this one to be quite pricey.

If you like the City Select but don’t need the second-child capability, consider the City Premier ($330). This stroller is basically a single version of the City Select but works to 50 lbs. and features a height-adjustable handlebar. The City Premier (28.7 lbs,) also has a reversible seat, 12″ rear wheels and 8″ front wheels and folds with the seat facing the parent.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 stroller

All wheel suspension on the Summit X3 helps make a great option for sketchy terrain.

All the above strollers are designed for urban parents or city use—for hiking or all-terrain adventures, the the Summit X3 comes in single ($330, 27.1 lbs.) and double ($550, 38.8 lbs.) versions. The Summit has 16” rear and 12” front air-filled tires, swivel front wheel that locks, suspension, and the same quick-fold technology you see on the City Series. The X3’s handlebar has a front wheel lock feature, which is nice.

What’ missing from Baby Jogger’s line? If you said, “a stroller for jogging?” you get 500 points. Yes, ironically, the brand that invented the running stroller lacks any strollers that are designed for running. Yes, you can power walk or go for hikes with the Summit X3—but for actual running, we’d prefer a stroller with a fixed front wheel (like the BOB Ironman).

One final note: Baby Jogger sells a car seat adapter that works with most infant car seats, including Graco and Chicco and Peg Perego. Baby Jogger also has its own infant car seat the City Go.

Our view. This is one of our favorite stroller brands for its overall quality and value. Reader feedback on these models has been consistently favorable—the quick fold of these models wins big kudos.

We like the Baby Jogger City Mini as the pick of the litter here—from the canopy to the quick fold, this is an excellent lightweight stroller for the mall and smooth sidewalks. If you prefer a four-wheel stroller with a compact fold, the City Tour is another excellent choice. For more off-road adventures or if you have rough sidewalks, the City Mini GT is pricey but worth it for the tire upgrade.

We also would recommend the City Select if you are in the market for a single-to-double stroller. Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Excellent. Rating: A