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Baby Trend’s biggest selling stroller isn’t really a stroller at all—it’s a stroller frame (pictured). Here’s an overview of the line:

The models. The Snap N Go is Baby Trend’s claim to fame—basically, it’s a stroller frame that lets you snap in most major-brand infant car seats. Presto! Instant travel system at a fraction of the price.

At least, that is the sales pitch. The truth is many infant car seats don’t snap into the Snap N Go—the infant seat is strapped onto the frame. Hence, it should really be called the Strap N Go.

The stroller frame concept was innovative when it was introduced in the 90’s—then few strollers had car seat adapters. Today, the Snap N Go is passé. Many stroller makers either come with car seat adapters or sell them as an affordable accessory. The only purpose we can see for this product now is perhaps for folks who are undecided on their stroller pick. In that case, the Snap N Go is a place holder.

Baby Trend Double Snap n Go stroller frame

Baby Trend offers one of the few stroller frame options for twins (car seats not included).

The basic Snap & Go is $46; a double version that holds two car seats is $59.

The Snap N Go has been so successful it has spawned knock-offs from several competitors, namely Graco.

Besides the stroller frame, Baby Trend also offers your standard mix of travel systems, double strollers and joggers. Baby Trend’s travel systems combine their Flex-Loc car seat with basic low-end strollers. Example: the Envy travel system is $140 (car seat and stroller). That’s a fairly low price, but the stroller (21 lbs.) is nothing fancy—steel frame, five-point harness and multi-position recline. You do get a decent canopy, one-hand fold and big basket.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

The Expedition is Baby Trend’s flagship stroller.

Baby Trend is a big player in the all terrain/jogger stroller market—their flagship model is the Expedition. This steel frame jogger is loaded with features (reclining seat, five-point harness, parent tray with cup holders and ratcheting canopy) and is sold as a travel system ($180) or separately ($87 to $125).

In the past year, Baby Trend rolled out Snap Gear—a series of strollers that work without adapters with Baby Trend’s Secure 32 infant car seat. Snap Gear is sold exclusively at Target.

Also new: the “Go Lite” collection features a $170 modular stroller system (called the Snap-N-Grow) that accepts most major brand infant seats and features a reversible seat, full recline, EVA foam tires with quick release wheels, and telescoping handle.

FYI: Baby Trend still sells the Sit N Stand stroller, a “pushcart” that combines a stroller with a jump seat for an older child.

Baby Trend recently rolled out a redesigned Sit N Stand double that holds two car seats and has a napper bar that rotates away when not in use. It comes in both steel (36 lbs.) and aluminum (30 lbs.) versions that run $135 to $180. The redesigned single Sit N Stand will let you attach a car seat in front or back.

Our view. After writing about baby gear for 20+ years, there are still some companies that are mysteries to us. Baby Trend is Exhibit One.

The company mainly exists to sell low-price travel systems to discount chain stores, with little innovation or change from year to year. Despite quality that our readers charitably describe as merely average, the company seems to merrily chug along. Basically, these are strollers that are sold on price—if it breaks, that’s your problem. Over 70 complaints have been filed on Baby Trend with, most cite quality woes, missing parts, strollers that break after a short period of use and so on. Baby Trend is current rated with an F from the Better Business Bureau.

Yes, we did recommend the Snap & Go back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, but we don’t see the point of it today with all the current options for strollers and car seat adapters.

Bottom line: this isn’t a brand we’d recommend. Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Good. Rating: D