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Got dry hair? A deep conditioning heat cap may just the solution. Sure, you can condition your hair without heat—but heating helps your hair absorb the moisture. To find the best deep conditioning heat cap, we first interviewed 7 stylists across the country to get their suggestions. Then we asked our readers for their favorites. Finally, we tried out several ourselves. Here are the ones we recommend.

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Best Easy-To-Use Cap

Includes nice brush for scalp massage
Loved this cap, which did an excellent job in our testing. Warmed in just 2 minutes and stayed warm for 10-15 minutes. Also nice: includes three-pack of disposable liners! Soft microfiber exterior shell.
$19.99 ($19.99 / Count)

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Best Easy-To-Use Cap: CHENCY Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Let’s talk the best deep conditioning heat caps!

When it comes to these caps, you have two choices: microwavable or electric caps.

Microwavable deep conditioning heat caps work by popping them into a microwave for a couple of minutes. Then the cap is supposed to stay warm for the 30 minutes, so the deep conditioner can do its thing. It doesn’t have a cord so you can do other activities while conditioning your hair.

The problem? Most microwavable caps only stay warm for about 10 or 15 minutes. That means you have to re-microwave them. 

Or you can choose an electric deep conditioning cap, which plugs in and provides continuous heat. That’s the advantage. The downside? You are tethered to an electric outlet for 30 minutes. 

Microwavable heat caps are generally more popular for DIY deep conditioning, according to interviews we did with several stylists across the country. 

For the easiest to use deep conditioning cap, we picked this reader favorite: CHENCY’s Cordless hat. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• Made of flaxseed that quickly warms in just 2 minutes.

• Microfiber band is comfortable.

• Works well!

• Includes three-pack of disposable aluminum foil liners. 

• Brush for hair scalp massage included.

What Needs Work

• Small in size. It might be too tight for those with larger heads.

• Warmth lasts only 10-15 minutes in real world testing.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Stayed hot for 20 minutes
Pop this gel-filled deep conditioning cap into a microwave for 2 minutes and poof! It works well keeping in the heat so the conditioner can do its thing.

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Best Budget Friendly: Tifara Beauty Cordless Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Yes, deep conditioning at a salon can be very pricey—but there is good news: this deep conditioning heat cap by Tifara does the job at a price that is much easier on the wallet. Unlike other caps that have flaxseed filing, this cap has a gel filling . . . and it worked well, said our readers.

Here’s more:

What We Liked


• Affordable.

• Gel, not flaxseed filing.

• Microwavable.

• Stayed hot for up to 20 minutes.

What Needs Work

• Small size.

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Best For Longer Hair

Includes 10 disposable shower caps
If you've got long hair, this cap fits heads up to 29"—that's bigger than other caps we tried. It gets nice and warm but we wish the heat lasted longer. Terry cloth lining is comfortable.

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Best For Longer Hair: Debetcy Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

One complaint we heard from readers about deep conditioning heat caps is size—many caps are for smaller heads or those with less hair. If you need a cap to fit more hair (or just a bigger head!), we would recommend this one: Debetcy’s Deep Conditioning Heat Cap.

Thanks to a stretchy elastic band, this cap fits heads up to 29.” It is very comfortable. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Terry cloth lining.

• Includes 10 disposable shower caps.

• Gets nice and warm after a couple minutes into a microwave.

What Needs Work

• Only holds heat for about 12 minutes in our testing. That means you have reheat it to get 30 minutes of conditioning.

• Flaxseed filling could be more evenly distributed.

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Best Electric Thermal Heat Cap

Adjustable drawstring helps for good fit
We loved the even heat of this easy-to-use deep conditioning cap—10 heat levels and a timer you can set for up to 60 minutes. Excellent choice!
$25.00 ($25.00 / Count)

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Best Electric Thermal Heat Cap: Corded Electric Thermal Heat Cap for Deep Hair Conditioning

If you like the concept of deep conditioning but are disappointed in how long microwavable heat caps stay warm, then we’d suggest a corded electric thermal heat cap like this one from the Care Me Store. It worked well and isn’t priced much more than most microwavable caps we tried.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Even heating.

• Display control is simple to read.

• 10 heat levels.

• Cute leopard fabric.

• Adjustable drawstring fits all head sizes.

• Timer can be set for 30, 45, 60 minutes.

What Needs Work

• Cord could be longer.

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