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What are the best mask wipes? To find out, we tried several brands to find the ones that cleaned well but left no residue. Which were easiest to use? The best bang for the buck? Here are our picks.

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Finding the Best Mask Wipes: Tips & Advice

As a user myself for several years, I can attest—keeping your mask clean can be a chore. 

Since most masks are made of soft silicone material, they need to be wiped down daily to keep facial oils and dirt from damaging the mask. 

Mask wipes are a great way to keep the mask clean, without being overly expensive. This extends the life of the mask, which saves you money down the road.

After trying out several brands over the years, I have a few tips and advice:

• The larger the container, the quicker they can dry out. Most wipes come in a sealed container—and these containers contain anywhere between 62 and 110 wipes. The larger containers are more economical, but they come with a downside: they can dry out before you finish using them. That’s because you basically use one wipe per day to clean a mask . . . and a container with 110 wipes needs to stay moist for more than three months. That can be difficult if you live in a dry climate. In this case, a smaller container with fewer wipes might be better.

• Scent or no scent? Most mask wipes are unscented, but I did try a brand or two that had a light citrus scent. The scent didn’t really affect how the wipes clean . . .  it was more of a personal preference. Some folks like the light scent, while others find it irritating to their skin.

• These wipes are for cleaning, not disinfecting. We know some folks look for antibacterial options when it comes to mask wipes, but all the wipes in this article are just for cleaning . . .  they do not disinfect.

• Look at the dispenser. Besides the wipes themselves, consider the dispenser design—you basically have a top with a sharp edge that lets you separate one wipe from the next one. I found some mask wipe dispensers were easier to use than others. I eliminated the poorest performers from consideration in this article.

Besides my own experiences, we also asked our parent readers who use a mask for sleep for their feedback. We took these experiences into account for these recommendations. Here are the top mask wipe recommendations:

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Best Large-Size Container

Very moist, effective
We loved these wipes, which come in a 110-count container plus two packets of travel wipes. Clean well, with pleasant scent. Critics note: some wipes can dry out, especially if your home has lower humidity.
$8.49 ($0.08 / Count)

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Best Budget-Friendly

Made in the USA
These unscented wipes do a great job of cleaning at a price that is easy on the wallet. Non-woven fabric, but we wish the dispenser was a touch easier to use in separating the wipes.
$39.99 ($0.29 / Count)

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Best Unscented Mask Wipes

Latex free, no animal testing.
These wipes are a reader favorite and we agree—we liked how well they clean, with no scent or chemical residue. Made in China. Caveat: we wish the lid closed tighter.
$15.99 ($0.11 / Count)

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Best Scented Mask Wipes

Pricey, but clean well
We know some folks like a light citrus scent when it comes to mask wipes—and this brand is our favorite in that category. Don't worry: the scent isn't overwhelming! Caveat: these wipes could be easier to tear apart.
$31.99 ($0.52 / Count)

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