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What's the best white crib for baby? Let our expert staff take the guesswork out of this purchase. To find the best cribs, we visit with crib makers, tour factories and survey our parent readers for their favorites. We use that extensive reader feedback when we make our recommendations, picking cribs that are safe, stable and durable. And no, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a good crib for your baby. Here are the white cribs we recommend.

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Crib Shopping Secrets & Insider Tips

Let’s talk the best white cribs for baby.

Did you know that all cribs sold on the market today must meet basic federal safety standards?

That’s right—whether they run $100 or $1000, all baby cribs must meet the same safety regulations issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Here’s a quick insider tip for crib shoppers: always unpack and inspect the crib immediately when it arrives (that is, don’t wait for weeks or months to assemble it). That’s because most cribs sold today are made of wood . . . and wood can easily be damaged in transit. Even if the box looks undamaged, always inspect it ASAP. 

Another tip: always verify all the hardware is included.

The crib brands we recommend in this article have a good reputation for quality . . . but shipping damage or missing hardware can happen with even the best brands.

Finally, remember this: when a crib says it is convertible, it means it is CAPABLE of being converted. To actually convert a crib to a full-size bed, you must separately purchase bed rails (or a Hollywood-style bed frame). Yes, this can cost as much as the crib! As of this writing, few crib makers include the conversion rails with a crib purchase.

Ditto for the crib mattress: even though you’ll see cribs pictured with mattresses, this is (almost always) a separate purchase.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Converts to full-size bed
Love this modern-style, sturdy white crib with a simple design—at a price that's easy on the wallet. Also nice: metal spring mattress support is a sign of quality.

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Best Budget Friendly Crib: Dream on Me, Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

For the best budget-friendly crib, we’d recommend Dream on Me’s Synergy 5-in-1 Convertible Crib. Yep, as the name implies, this crib converts to five uses: crib, toddler bed, day bed, full-size bed with head and footboard and full-sized bed without footboard.

We should point out that to achieve those last two uses, you have to buy a universal bed rail or a “Hollywood-style” bed frame . . . those are extra purchases.

Here’s why we recommend this crib:

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Clean, modern style.

• Affordable.

• Several colors available, in case you don’t want white.

• Gender neutral design.

• Metal spring mattress support.

• Converts to full-size bed.

What Needs Work

• Conversion requires separately purchased bed rails. And that adds to the final price, of course.

• Assembly instructions could be more clear.

• Occasional reports of shipping damage or missing hardware. This is not the rule, of course—but as always, inspect the box when it arrives and check for all included hardware. Dream on Me is a reputable brand that has good customer service in case a problem happens.

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Best Convertible Design

Safety + Style + Function
Easy-to-assemble crib can morph into a big kid bed (when the curved side is used as a headboard with separately purchased bed rails). Caveat: paint can chip easily.

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Best Convertible Design: Graco Benton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

The Graco Benton is a simple, affordable crib that is easy to put together and can morph into a full-size bed (when you use the curved side as a headboard and separately purchase bed rails).

Why is this the best convertible crib? Well, we like the higher, curved headboard (side rail) of the Benton . . . this makes into an attractive headboard when the crib is converted to a full-size bed.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy assembly. It took us about 45 minutes to assemble and we found it easier overall than most other cribs.

• Good quality. We like the metal spring mattress platform—some low-end cribs come with flat wood boards as a mattress base, which we don’t recommend.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Paint can chip. Like most lower-price cribs, the Graco Benton uses a soft wood that is easily scratched—take care with the assembly or moving the crib around. A simple belt buckle can leave a scratch when accidentally rubbed against a crib rail.

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Best Jenny Lind Style

Easy to assemble
This crib combines that vintage spooled look with a well-made crib—and the price doesn't break the bank. Converts to toddler and day bed . . . but not a full-size bed.

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Best Jenny Lind Crib: DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

What is a Jenny Lind crib? Jenny Lind isn’t a crib brand, but a style.

Jenny Lind-style cribs look like a series of thread spools stacked together. It’s named after (spoiler alert) Jenny Lind, a famous 19th century singer. Lind was said to sleep on a bed carved from wood that resembled thread spools . . . for some reason, this became a popular crib style that endures until this day.

Jenny Lind cribs are still hip since they have that mid-century modern vibe so popular in home furnishings. For the best Jenny Lind-style crib, we’d recommend DaVinci’s take on the style. Their 3-in-1 convertible Jenny Lind crib is good quality—and available in several color choices to fit just about any decor.

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble.

• Sturdy.

• Vintage look at price that doesn’t break the bank.


• Made from New Zealand pine.

• Converts to toddler bed and daybed.

• 4 mattress heights.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t convert to a full-size bed. 

• Hardware is visible. That’s not a safety issue, just aesthetics. 

• Watch for shipping damage or missing hardware. As we pointed out earlier, however, this is an issue with all wood cribs.

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Best Easy To Assemble

Made from New Zealand pine
Yes, this crib can be assembled in about 30 minutes—and all the tools are included. We liked the curved side rails and metal mattress support.

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Best Easy To Assemble: Dream on Me Chelsea 5-in-1 Convertible Crib

Yes, some cribs are easier to assemble than others—this model, the Dream On Me Chelsea, is one of the easiest. And it has a bit of panache, with curved side rails. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Convertible to toddler bed, daybed, full-size bed with or without footboard.

• Made of New Zealand pine.

• Affordable.

• 4 position mattress support.

• Unique styling.

• Easy to assemble with all tools included. 

What Needs Work

• Paint can chip. This is true for all cribs made of New Zealand pine, however.

• Conversion requires separately purchased bed rails. And that adds to the final price, of course.

• Occasional reports of shipping damage or missing hardware. This is not the rule, of course—but as always, inspect the box when it arrives and check for all included hardware. Dream on Me is a reputable brand that has good customer service in case a problem happens.

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