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Category: The Best Baby Nursery

Best Bedside Bassinet

What are the best bassinets for a bedside? We looked at several bassinets designed to sit right next to your bed, allowing easy access for nursing. Judged on ease of use, quality and affordability, we pick these bassinets as the best of the bunch. A quick safety note: some of these bassinets have fold-down sides. When baby is put down to sleep, we recommend having all the sides of a bassinet in the full, upright position. That prevents baby from rolling toward an open side and possibly becoming entrapped between the bassinet and an adult bed. Only use the included mattress in the bassinet—never add additional padding or bedding.

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Best Portable Bassinet

What are the best portable bassinets? We tested 14 different bassinets that promise portability for travel. But which were really the best for a car trip to grandmas? Or a hotel stay? Here are the winners.

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Best Baby Scales

Watching your baby’s weight is an important part of a newborn’s growth and development. We tested 9 baby scales, checking for ease of use, accuracy and affordability. Looking for an app-enabled baby scale? Or one that converts to use for older kiddos and adults? Here are the winners.

FYI: We are Baby Bargains, the #1 online resource for honest and independent reviews of baby gear since 1994. We don’t take money or freebies from the brands we review. Baby Bargains is 100% reader-supported.

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Best Baby Dresser

What’s the best baby dresser? We surveyed our parent readers to find their favorites. What was most versatile? Easy to assemble? Sturdy? Here are our recommendations.

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