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What are the best waterproof matches? We tried out several brands to see which worked best. We looked for matches that had a compact, easy-to-carry container as well as overall durability and long burn time. Here are the winners.

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Best Short Waterproof Matches

160 matches total
These waterproof matches are easy to carry . . . and easy on the wallet. Pocket-sized box is easy to take along on camping trips. Caveat: the match boxes aren't waterproof.

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Best Short Waterproof Matches: Coghlan’s 940BP Waterproof Matches

Going camping? RV’ing? Boating? Waterproof matches are an essential part of any outdoor kit.

As the name implies, they can be struck even when wet—great if you are caught in the rain.

For the best small waterproof matches, we pick Coghlan’s 940BP waterproof matches. By small, we mean regular match size—some waterproof matches are bigger. The advantage: longer matches burn longer.

On the other hand, small waterproof matches are easier to carry in a backpack . . . or pocket.

Here’s more on why we liked these matches:

What We Liked

• Pocket-sized packs = easy to take on trips.

• Thick wood.

• Only light if struck on box striker. 

• Larger number of matches per box.

What Needs Work

• Box isn’t waterproof. That’s a problem if the striker gets wet . . . and falls off the box. Which can happen.

• Short head means match will go out if the wood below is wet.

• Burn too quickly for some folks.

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Best Rainproof Matches

Great for boating, RV'ing
We liked the waterproof case that holds these 25 matches . . . yes, the case floats! The matches work well, but only light for a short time (5 seconds) so you have to be quick on the draw.

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Best Rainproof Matches: UCO Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case

For backwoods camping, we’d recommend something more waterproof than regular waterproof matches. Our pick would be UCO’s Stormproof Match Kit. The 25-match kit comes in a waterproof match case . . . and yes, these matches will relight even after being submerged in water! (That is, as long as there is phosphorus left on the match).

What We Liked

 Yes, they work!

• Compact carry case is easy to throw in a backpack. 

• Excellent for off-the-beaten-path adventures.

• The case floats! Great for boaters.

• Windproof.

• Case has no-slip grip.

What Needs Work

• Burns for about 5 seconds. At least that is what we found in our tests—and yes, that is shorter than the maker claims (15 seconds).

• Matches can break between the wood and head. We didn’t have that happen to us, but we see reports from other users on this issue.

• Sometimes the wood part of match does not ignite. 

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Best Long Waterproof Matches

Excellent for hurricane survival kits
When you absolutely need to start a fire, these are the go-to matches—durable, long burn time (25 seconds) and easy to use. Windproof and waterproof. Yes, they stay lit even after being submerged.

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Best Long Waterproof Matches: UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit with Waterproof Case

If you are building a hurricane or earthquake survival kit, we’d suggest these matches: UCO’s Titan matches. These matches are 4.25″ long—about 40% longer than UCO’s regular waterproof matches recommended above. That’s helpful because they will burn longer.

Yes, these matches can be lit and submerged under water —the fire will reignite once out of the water!

What We Liked

• Long burn time.

• Good overall quality.

• Durable.

• Waterproof case floats!

• Windproof.

• Integrated strike holder.

What Needs Work

• Large container not as ideal to carry on hiking trips.

• Pricey.

• Won’t light if striker paper gets wet—once it dries out, however, it will work again.

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Best Camping Matches

Easy to use, but a bit bulky to carry
Loved these thick and long-burning matches—about 30 seconds of light time. Waterproof (and the container too) plus windproof. Excellent for RV'ing.

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Best Camping Matches: Zippo Survival Tools

This 15 match kit is great for RV’ing or camping. Yes, the container is waterproof and floats. We liked that Zippo included extra striker pads . . . that’s helpful if one gets wet, you can use another as a backup.

What We Liked

• Thick and well-coated matches.

• Rugged design.

• Windproof and waterproof.

• Burn for up to 30 seconds.

• Textured grip on container.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Larger size container = less portable than other brands. The container for these matches is about the size of a small soda can—that’s bigger than other brands we tried. So less ideal for hikers, but still good for camping or survival kits.

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