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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker provides a bounty of toys for kids of all ages . . . but what are the best? Here's what our expert editors think. (Yes, they are certified Star Wars geeks). We've got picks for the Best Action Figure, Best Building Block Set and Best Remote Control Toy, all from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker!

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Best Action Figure

Fine detailing, cool articulation
This Sith Trooper action figure impressed us by the ability to stand alone without a separate stand. Also cool: a new butterfly joint that allows him to securely hold his weapon.

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Best Toys from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

We unleashed our best Star Wars geeks to comb through all the toys coming out from the new movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. For the best action figure, we just loved this Black Series Sith Trooper Toy 6″ Scale The Rise of Skywalker Collectible Action Figure.

In case you are new to the Star Wars action figure world, Black Series action figures are six inches high—previous figures were 3.75″ tall. Thanks to the larger size, Black Series figures have more detail and articulation then previous figures.

The new movie, Rise of Skywalker, will introduce these Sith Troopers, dressed in red, to the Star Wars universe. While we don’t know exactly what they’ll be doing in the movie, this fully articulated figure allows for imaginative play with the included blaster rifle.

What We Liked

• Amazing detailing. Look at the chest and helmet of this figure—that fine detailing is impressive.

• Stands with a separate stand. Yes, this bad boy doesn’t need a stand to stand; that is great improvement over earlier Black Series figures.

• Love the bright red color. Stands out in any collection.

What Needs Work

• Not the best for collectors? We see a few complaints about shipping damage, which usually center around box getting crunched. This disappoints collectors, who prefer a pristine box for resale value down the line.

No head motion. While the articulation (especially in the shoulders) is impressive, the head just swivels. It doesn’t move up or down. On the upside, the butterfly joints in this figure allow it to realistically hold its blaster.

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Best Building Block Set

Fast to build, affordable
This Speeder Chase LEGO kit hits all the right notes. 3 included mini figs plus a separate First Order Treadspeeder. Unlike bigger and costlier kits, this one is quick to build, even for little kiddos.

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Best Building Blocks Set: LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pasaana Speeder Chase, Hovering Transport Speeder Building Kit with Action Figures

When it comes to LEGO and Star Wars, we prefer kits that are quick to build and don’t bust the budget. Those cool kits the rebuild the Millennium Falcon are amazing . . . except those 1300+ pieces don’t put themselves together!

That’s we like kits like the LEGO Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Pasaana Speeder Chase 75250 Hovering Transport Speeder Building Kit with Action Figures. 

This set shows Rey on a new speeder bike, along side BB-8. Also included is a First Order Stormtrooper on a new Treadspeeder vehicle. We like the details here with a removable toolbox and an ammo storage box. LEGO creatively includes a “hover” mode for one of the speeders using clear LEGOS.

This kit combines affordability and fun, and it can easily be built quickly by a kiddo. Here are the pros and cons:

What We Liked

• Can be a stand-alone toy or used with other kits. 

• Quick to build. Our testers completed it in just under an hour.

• Affordable and compact. We love LEGO Star Wars kits, but some of them are quite large when assembled—the simple kit is more compact.

What Needs Work

• D-O droid, where are you? We realize this kit is focused on this scene from the movie, but throwing in the new, super-cute D-O droid would make this great kit even better, in our humble opinion.

Best Remote-Control Toy: Star Wars Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy

Assembled from spare parts, D-O is the new droid in the Rise of Skywalker—and he is amazingly cute. Obsessed with BB-8, this droid provides the comic relief every Star Wars movie needs.

That’s why we picked this remote control toy as our best bet from the Rise of Skywalker movie: Remote Control D-O Rolling Toy with Sounds. Here’s why:

Meant for kids ages 5 and up, the remote control D-O Droid can roll in any direction and perform 360-degree spins. While rolling around the droid’s head bobbles up and down and side to side. It also makes electronic sounds inspired by the D-O Droid character from the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker movie.


What We Liked

  • Great sound effects.
  • Funny expressions with bobbing head and giggly voice.
  • Easy to set up; easy to use. No phone app required.
  • Affordable.

What Needs Work

  • Not interactive. On the other hand, interactive D-O droids require a phone app and cost much more. So there’s your trade off!

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