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Here are the best toddler mittens for boys and girls, based on our detailed testing. We looked for mittens that were warm, soft and affordable—plus cuteness didn't hurt. Whether your toddler needs lightweight mittens for outdoor play or serious insulated mittens for snowman building, we've got you covered.

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Best Sherpa Lined Mittens

Gender neutral colors
Super warm + cute patterns = great toddler mittens! Our testers loved these mittens, which are lined with sherpa fleece for warmth.

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Best Sherpa Lined Mittens: Arctic Paw 3 Pairs Kids’ Sherpa Lined Knit Mittens Boys Girls Winter Gloves

We had 17 toddlers test out winter mittens for warmth, outdoor play and snowman building. The winner for best sherpa-lined mittens was Arctic Paw’s mittens. Available in 22 colors/patterns, these gloves come in a wide variety of sizes, from 2T to 8T.

What We Liked

• Sherpa lining. We loved how the soft sherpa lining extended all the way to the cuff.

• Adorable. Our testers loved how cute these mittens were, with bright colors and patterns.

Good value. These mittens come in packs of three.

What Needs Work

• Not waterproof. These mittens are NOT waterproof, so they probably aren’t the best choice for wet snow play.

• Attracts dirt and hard to clean. The soft yarn can attract dirt, which is hard to get clean even with multiple washings. If your toddler loves to dig in the dirt, we’d suggest the darker colors!

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Best Lightweight Mittens

Outdoor play
These affordable and soft knit mittens are winners, say our testers. Lightweight and thin, they are perfect for outdoor play on cool days.

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Best Lightweight Mittens: Cooraby 6 Pairs Toddler Magic Stretch Mittens Winter Unisex Baby Knitted Gloves Mittens

It’s a fact: toddlers don’t like heavy or bulky mittens. Sometimes the best choice is a lightweight, knitted mitten. Our testers loved these mittens best: Cooraby mittens are sized for toddlers aged 1 to older kiddos up to age 8.

What We Liked

• Six pack. Not matter how hard you try, toddlers will lose mittens—this six pack is an affordable solution. By the way, if your child is a chronic loser of mittens, consider glove clips like these: Hold’Em One Piece Mitten/Glove Clips for Kids/Toddler. This one piece elastic strap with clips on either end threads through your child’s coat sleeves and clips onto their mittens. 

• Soft. Our testers loved how lightweight and soft these mittens were—easy to put on and take off.

• Great for outdoor play in cool weather. If you live in a cool but not cold climate, your toddler may need some basic mittens to play outdoors—these fit the bill. These keep fingers warm at a good price.

What’s Needs Work

• Not waterproof. If you are looking for a glove to play in snow, check out our other pick below.

• Not as warm as sherpa-lined gloves. The downside of these simple knitted gloves is they aren’t the warmest choice available. We found these worked better in cool weather (say, above 40 or 50 degrees). For colder weather, lined gloves would be best.

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Best Adjustable Mittens

Don't fall off
Easy to put on, these mittens were a parent favorite thanks to their adjustable hook/loop strap.

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Best Adjustable Mittens: N’Ice Caps Little Kids and Baby Easy-On Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens – 2 Pair Pack

If your toddler keeps losing mittens that easily fall off, we suggest this solution: N’Ice Caps fleece mittens. The key feature: a hook/loop strap that keeps the mittens on and cold air out.

What We Liked

• Stay on design. These mittens were easy to put on and stayed on better than other designs we tested.

 Five sizes, including infant. Sizing starts at 3-6 months old and goes up to 4-6 years for older kiddos.

• Clips to keep the mittens together. Yes, these mittens are pricey, but we liked the clip that keeps the mittens together, or attached to a stroller.

• Designed in Minnesota. Well, if anyone knows cold, it would be these folks.

What Needs Work

• No thumbs on the smallest sizes. Be sure to look carefully at the size chart—the sizes designed for babies don’t have a thumb. Toddler sizes do have thumbs.

• Can run small. Compared to other mittens we tested, N’Ice Caps ran on the small side.

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Best Mittens for Snow

Extra long cuffs and Thinsulate make these gloves perfect for playing in the snow.

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Best Mittens for Snow: SnowStoppers Kids Waterproof Stay On Winter Nylon Mitten

If there is a snowball fight on your toddler’s to do list, these are the gloves you are looking for. SnowStoppers won the top honors in our mitten testing for their waterproof and warm design.

What We Liked

• Long cuffs. The secret to keeping warm in snow is keeping water out of the glove—these mittens are designed with long cuffs so they stay on and keep water/cold out.

• Waterproof shell and Thinsulate insulation. 

• Grippy palms. Great for sledding or snowboarding.

• Wide variety of sizes. SnowStopps go from ages 1-3 years all the way up to ages 7-12.

• Adjustable strap for tight fit.

What’s Needs Work

• Not easy to put on. These mittens can be a challenge to put on some toddlers, according to our testers.

• Pricey. Yes, these mittens are more expensive, but considering how well they work, we think they are worth the money. By the way, if you have a child who loses mittens frequently, consider mitten clips. Our favorite: Hold’Em One Piece Mitten/Glove Clips for Kids/Toddler. This one piece elastic strap with clips on either end threads through your child’s coat sleeves and clips onto their mittens. 

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