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What's the best spooky decor? We asked our parent readers for their favorite spooky decor items—and we got an amazing number of scary, spooky and strange suggestions! We narrowed it down to these best bets.

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Best Spooky Tapestry

Spooky and clever
Beautiful yet creepy, this tapestry is a great idea to decorate on a budget . . . covers a large wall area without breaking the bank. Decor idea: add fairy lights for an even spookier effect at night.

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Best Spooky Tapestry: Skull Tapestry The Kissing Lovers

A tapestry is a great way to give a room a spooky feel on a budget—and this one certainly fits the bill. At 51″ x 59″, it easily fills up a wall.

The black and white print is perfect for that party or get together. Creepy . . . but not too scary!

Larger sizes are also available in case you have a bigger wall space to fill!

Decor idea: add some fairy lights or colored festive lights for an even spookier effect:

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Best Spooky Book

Conversation starter
From the famous spooky movie Beetle Juice, this book is perfect for a coffee table or as a prop at a holiday party. Another idea: use it as a guest book . . . yes, a touch of dark humor, but we like it.

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Best Spooky Book: Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Yes, this is the book from that classic spooky movie, Beetle Juice. The book is actually a blank journal with a few quotes from the movie . . . but it is the perfect prop for that holiday party. Or use it as a guest book.

Nice conversation piece!

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Best Spooky Coffin Decor

Cute . . . and spooky!
Simple yet scary, this coffin-shaped shelf is perfectly sized for a fireplace mantle. Great to hold scary pumpkins, goblins and other small items.

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Best Spooky Coffin Decor: Manny’s Mysterious Oddities Coffin Shelf

We like using this simple black coffin shelf unit to hang on a wall . . . or place it on a shelf itself. Great for knick knacks . . . at 7.5″ wide, it fits nicely in small places. 

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Best Spooky Spider Web

A little goes a long way
Great bang for the buck—this package with over 400 square feet of spider web instantly adds a spooky look to a holiday display. Or use it outside for that creepy touch.

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Best Spooky Spider Web: AOSTAR Halloween Stretch Spider Webs

An affordable and quick way to add spooky decor to a room is with spider webs—and this package does the trick. With over 400 square feet and three dozen spiders, this web can be used outside or inside. We liked using it outside to turn a deck into a haunted landscape.

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