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What are the best spare parts for Spectra's breast pumps? To keep your pump in tip-top shape, Spectra says you should replace parts like membranes (2 weeks to 2 months) duckbill valves (1-3 months), backflow protector (3-6 months), shields (6 months) and tubing (occasionally). This can get rather pricey. But there is good news: we found several affordable replacement kits and parts for Spectra that are excellent quality. Here's what we'd recommend.

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Best Complete Set

Longer tubing than what comes with pump
This kit has it all: flanges, valves, tubes, backflow preventers, bottles and flanges. Great as a backup. Good quality, although we wished the valves lasted longer.
$34.99 ($34.99 / Count)

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Best Complete Set: Maymom Pump Parts Spectra S2

When it comes to breast pumps, think of Murphy’s Law: what part can break, will break  . . . especially when you need it the most!

That’s why we recommend keeping a raft of spare parts on hand for any breast pump, Spectra included. One way to be prepared is to have a complete set of parts ready as a backup. For this, we’d recommend Maymom’s Pump Parts for Spectra S2. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• When we say complete set, we mean COMPLETE. This set has a two 24mm flanges, 2 duckbill valves, 2 tubes, 2 backflow protectors; 2 bottles with travel cap.

• Yes, collection bottles are included—for whatever reason, other sets tend to omit this.

• BPA-free.

• Parts can be sterilized by boiling, steaming or microwave steamer.

• Longer tubing (42″ vs 33″) than what comes with the pump—a nice plus.

• Affordable considering all that you get.

• Good as a backup.

• Different sizes of flanges are available.

What Needs Work

• Lids on the bottles can break if you aren’t careful.

• Valves could last longer. Spectra’s own valves seem to last longer, in our opinion.

• Flanges aren’t exactly the same size as Spectra’s. They are close, but not the same.

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Best Duckbill Valves

Easy on the wallet
Great replacement duckbill valves are good quality and BPA free silicone. Compatible with a wide variety of Spectra pumps, but they can be a bit louder than the OEM version.

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Best Duckbill Valves: Maymom Duckbill Valves for Spectra

Duckbill valves for Spectra pumps have to be replaced every one to three months—if you nurse and pump for a year, that’s a lot of valves!

We like Maymom’s duckbill valves as a good, affordable alternative to Spectra’s own valves. Here’s why:

What We Liked


• Good quality silicone gives same suction power as Spectra’s own valves.

• Six valves in a pack = easy on the wallet.

• Come in various pack sizes and colors. 

• Works with many different Spectra pumps (double check first for compatibility before ordering).

What Needs Work

• Loud. For some reason, using these valves on a Spectra makes the pump somewhat louder. We didn’t think it was that noticeable, but it bothers some folks more than others.

• Not made by Spectra.

• Durability. We wished these valves lasted longer. In our opinion, they seem a bit less durable than the Spectra OEM parts. That said, they are still a good value that performs well for most folks.

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Best Single Bottle Kit

Dishwasher safe, excellent quality
Made by Spectra itself, this single bottle kit is complete with all the parts you need: flange, tubing, backflow preventer, duckbill valve, bottle and cap. Caveat: this is just for ONE bottle!

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Best Single Bottle Kit: Spectra Baby USA Premium Accessory Kit

If you just need a single bottle set, we think Spectra’s own Premium Accessory Kit is a good bet. Yes, these are original manufacturer parts—good quality and nice to have as a backup just in case.

What We Liked

• Complete set for one bottle.  Includes 1 wide neck flange (24 mm), backflow protector, tubing and white duckbill valve, wide neck bottle (with cap, collar ring and sealing disk).

• Durable.

• Dishwasher safe. 

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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Great as a shower gift
Yes, this is a double kit—2 flanges, 2 duckbill valves, 2 tubing sets, 2 backflow preventers. Dishwasher safe (except the valves), BPA free. Easy to use and good quality.

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Budget-Friendly: Nenesupply Pump Parts Compatible with Spectra S2 and S1

Why is this pick budget-friendly? That’s because Nenesupply’s Spectra parts kit is a double bottle kit—for a price that is very similar to a SINGLE bottle kit from the original manufacturer. The only major difference: bottles. Nenesupply doesn’t include bottles, while Spectra does.

However, most folks probably already have bottles if they are buying a spare parts kit for a Spectra breast pump. This set is a great value nonetheless! Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Good quality.

• Everything but bottles. Includes 2 flanges, 2 duckbill valves, 2 backflow protectors, 2 tubes.

• Works with wide mouth bottles,

• Dishwasher safe except the values. 

• Can sterilize with steam or boiling water.

• BPA-free.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

•  Not compatible with all collection bottles. This set only works with Spectra bottles, Avent bottles, and Nenesupply’s own wide mouth bottles.

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