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What's the best pool thermometer? We tried out a dozen brands to see which worked the best. We looked for accuracy and ease of use. Here are the winners.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Excellent floating pool thermometer
Loved how easy it was to use this thermometer, which has a string that allows you to secure it out of the way. Works well and easy on the wallet.

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Best Budget-Friendly: eLander Pro Water Thermometer

Pool thermometers come in two basic types: those that float and those that don’t!

Floating pool thermometers are great for taking the temperature near the surface of a pool. But they do have a drawback: they can get in the way of kiddos, who can break them (some are glass).

Non-floating thermometers are excellent for spas, as they take the temperature deeper than the surface (that can matter in the winter). And non-floating thermometers can be secured near the edge of the pool . . . away from children.

For the best budget-friendly pool thermometer that floats, we like eLander Pro Water Thermometer best. Accurate, easy to use . . . and easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Floats!

• Works well.

• String lets you tie it down, to keep it from floating around the pool.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Markings could be easier to read. We found it easy enough to read this thermometer, but others have somewhat larger markings (which make it easier to read from a distance).

• Can fog up after long-term use.

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Easiest To Read Thermometer

Great for hot tubs
The blue background and white numbers make this thermometer super easy to read from a distance. But it does not float. Rugged design, durable.

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Easiest To Read Thermometer: SplashTech Pocket Reservoir Pool Thermometer

For the best non-floating pool thermometer we think SplashTech’s Pocket Reservoir was the best bet—it is the easiest to read among those we tested and researched.

What We Liked


• Large numbers = easy to read.

• Base has reservoir so you can take the temperature of the water without submerging it, if you wish.

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t float. Hence, this thermometer works best in spas or other places where you can tie it up.

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Best Funny Pool Thermometer

Nice gift idea
Yes, that is a guy on a raft floating above your pool thermometer! Accurate and easy to use. Tether keeps it in place or let the little guy float free.

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Best Funny Pool Thermometer: Floating Pool Thermometer

If you want a pool thermometer with a bit of whimsy, we like this Floating Pool Thermometer. Yes, it is sure to get a chuckle from your friends!

What We Liked

• Accurate.

• Cute!

• Simple to use.

• Rope tether.

What Needs Work

• Can fade over time.

• Could be easier to read.

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Best For Pool Deep End

Tube thermometer for pools or spas
The long tether (three feet) makes this thermometer great for measuring deeper water in a pool. Easy to read and accurate.

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Best For Pool Deep End: Pentair R141036 127 Tube Thermometer

If you need to measure the temperature in the deep end of a pool, we suggest Pentair’s R141036—it sinks, enabling you to get a reading three feet below the surface. Works well!

What We Liked

• Longer tether than others. Most pool thermometers have shorter tethers; this one can be used in a deep end of a pool.

• Easy to read.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Doesn’t float. This isn’t the right thermometer if you want something that floats! See the earlier picks in this article for ideas on floating pool thermometers.

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