Best Overall Reusable Nursing Pad: Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads

Let’s talk about reusable nursing pads. We love these pads for their softness—even the softest disposable pad can’t hold a candle to the comfort of a reusable pad. As for sustainability, washing reusable pads is easier on the environment than disposable pads, most of which are not recyclable.

However, there is a caveat: reusable pads don’t wick away moisture like disposable pads do. Once they get wet, they stay wet—and have to be replaced, or they can cause health issues.

We tested a raft of the most popular reusable pads before picking this winner: Bamboobies Reusable Nursing Pads. These pads were judged best overall by our panel of nursing moms for their overall comfort and softness. Here’s more on why these pads won the best overall score:

What We Liked

• Machine washable and dryable.

• Super soft.

• Large size (5″) works well for most moms.

• Very absorbent. These pads can be used overnight.

What Needs Work

• Only one size. Other brands had two or three size options.

• Expensive.

• No adhesive so these pads will move around at night—and that can cause leaks.

• Sticky. Yes, these pads can be sticky when they get wet . . . and that isn’t fun.

Best Budget-Friendly Reusable Nursing Pad: Baby Bliss Bamboo Breastfeeding Nursing Pads

Yes, reusable pads cost more than disposable—and some reusable pads can cause sticker shock. Good news: we found Baby Bliss nursing pads to be a good balance between affordability and absorbency. Here’s more on why they are our best budget-friendly pick.:

What We Liked

 Hold up well in the wash.

• Soft and contourted, which enables a better fit.

• Cute pastel colors.

• Three sizes.

• Easy on the wallet. And that includes a mesh storage bag.

What Needs Work

• Not as absorbent as our top pick. That said, we thought they performed well in our testing—good enough for most moms. But if you need more absorbency than a standard nursing pad, these might not be the best choice.

• Scratchy, lumpy. A few of our testers said the pads felt scratchy and lumpy compared to others we tested. This was a split opinion—most folks said these pads were soft and comfortable. We chalk up the difference to the fact that some moms are more sensitive than others, especially when they start nursing.

Best Organic Reusable Nursing Pad: Organic Washable Breast Pads 

These pads are made of 100% organic bamboo fabric, combined with a bamboo inner layer and microfiber middle later for waterproofing.

What We Liked

• Very absorbent. 

• Includes cute storage bag.

• No polyester. Other pads are made of non-organic cotton/poly blends.

What’s Needs Work

• Pricey. And these pads only come in one size.

• Not as soft as other pads. Organic bamboo is nice, but a few of our testers though it was rougher to the touch compared to other brands.

• Bulky.

Best Colors Reusable Nursing Pad: Bamboo Nursing Pads

These affordable pads won over our testers with their bright colors, soft design and good absorbency. Why bright colors? Well, they are easier not to lose in the wash! These pads were made of bamboo (outer layer) and microfiber (inner layer). Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy on the wallet yet very soft.

• Two sizes: small and large.

• Good absorbency. 

What’s Needs Work

• Not contoured. 

• Colors show through bras/shirts. 

• A few testers though these pads were more itchy than others we tested. This was more common among moms who just started nursing—you are more sensitive then.

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