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What is the best bicycle seat? To answer that question, we tried out 13 different seats with riders of various shapes and sizes. Which was best for long rides? For men's comfort? Women's comfort? We ended up doing 7 hours of researching, including interviewing three bike industry experts for their feedback. Here are the winners.

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Best For Long Rides

Easy to install on most bikes
Wow, we love how soft and comfortable seat is! Perfect for cruiser or touring bikes . . . or longer rides. Wide profile great for those who need more support.

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Best Bicycle Seat For Long Rides: Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Let’s talk best bicycle seats.

There are two basic types of bike seats: those designed for performance (think ultra-light endurance bikes) and those more for cruising (called cruisers or touring bikes). 

The latter bike seats feature more cushioning, with wider widths and thicker padding (as well as suspension springs, in some cases). Performance bike seats, on the other hand, are long and narrow without much padding.

Since the majority of our readers fit into the cruiser/touring bike group, this article focuses on those cushier, more comfortable seats.

When it comes to cushioning, you have two basic choices: gel or memory foam. Some seats combine the two.

Gel bike seats conform to your physical body and are very comfortable.,

Memory foam seats are more supportive than gel and hence are a better choice for longer rides or folks over 200 lbs.

Finally, let’s talk about men versus women. Thanks to some external assets, many men among our testers preferred seats with a center cut or channel. These are more comfortable.

Women, on the other hand, told us seats that were wider were often more comfortable than those narrower seats designed for men. 

To find the best bike seats, we asked our readers for their favorites. Then we tried out top brands, with a group of men and women. 

For the best bike seat for long rides, we pick the Sunlite Cloud-9. This excellent seat won kudos from both women and men in our tests. We loved the quality: a gel-padded seat that combines foam covered with vinyl. And the spring coil suspension is excellent.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Very comfortable for long rides.

• Nice, wide seat.

• Easy to install on most bikes.

• Brand reputation for quality construction.

• Dual density gel foam padding.

What Needs Work

• Not the easiest to install on rail-clamp style seat mountings. These bikes are not as common, but just a fyi.

• Springs can squeak.

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Best Bike Seat For Men’s Comfort

Great shock absorbers
The red safety light is great for rides at dusk, but the star here is the divot design that makes this cushy seat very comfortable for men (and women too). Easy to install.

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Best Bike Seat For Men’s Comfort: Giddy Up! Bike Seat

This seat was a reader favorite among our male readers. The divot/channel design got a big thumbs up in terms of comfort and the overall quality is excellent.

What We Liked

 Red safety light with easy-to-reach on/off button.

• Very comfy.

• Easy to install.

• Divot design very comfortable for men’s assets.

• Rain cover included.

• Gel foam design.

• Shock-absorbing balls, not springs.

What Needs Work

• A bit pricey.

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Best For Women’s Comfort

Includes tools for installation
Loved this super wide seat for its overall comfort—the side wings act like stabilizers. Great for cruiser bikes and rather easy to install.

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Best Bicycle Seat For Women’s Comfort: YGL Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Can we talk? Many bike seats are designed by guys for guys. But what about the best seat for women, especially those with wider backsides? 

We asked our parent readers and then tried out several seats that are oversized for women’s comfort. This one by YGL won out over others we tried.

What We Liked

• Wide design provides support, comfort.

• Very cushy.

• Side wing tips act like stabilizers.

• Great for cruiser style bikes.

• Easy to install.

• Includes tools for installation.

• Foam rubber and gel design.

• Spring shock absorbers.

• Reflective sticker at back for safety and visibility.

What Needs Work

• Can get squeaky.

• Not the best choice for smaller folks.

• Too short in front for some users.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Very comfortable
The memory foam in this seat is oh-so-comfy and the anti-vibration design works well. Concave divot makes it comfy for men too. Caveat: can get squeaky.

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Best Bicycle Seat, Budget-Friendly: BLUEWIND Bike Seat

If money is tight and you just need a basic, comfortable bike seat, this one is the best bet we found in our testing and research: BLUEWIND. The memory foam layer makes this seat very comfy and the extra width is a plus. All at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

What We Liked

• Easy to install on most bikes.

• Well made.

• Extra width.

• Comfortable memory foam layer. 

• Anti-vibration balls, not springs.

• Waterproof.

• Includes installation tools.

• Reflective band for night safety.

What Needs Work

• Sometimes can get squeaky.

• Not as durable as other brands. For occasional use, this seat is fine . . . just not as durable as more pricey seats over the longer term or for daily use.

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Best Bicycle Seat

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