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What's the best moka pot? To find out, we purchased several top brands and then started brewing coffee. Which made the best coffee? Was easiest to clean? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Budget-Friendly Moka Pot

Easy to clean
We loved this simple and easy to use stovetop espresso maker—excellent coffee at a price that is easy on the wallet.

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Best Budget-Friendly Moka Pot: Primula Aluminum Espresso Maker

To find the best moka pot, first understand just what a moka pot can do—and what its  limitations are!

Invented by an Italian engineer in the 1930’s, moka pots are sort of like pressure cookers for coffee: you put water in the base and coffee in the middle of the pot then heat it on a stove.

The steam pressure pushes water through the coffee, which is sprayed into the top of the pot. Named after a city in Yemen famous for its coffee trade, moka pots are also called stovetop espresso makers.

But do moka pots actually make espresso? Well, moka pot coffee is two to three times stronger than regular American drip coffee. But espresso is 5 to 8 times stronger than drip coffee—so moka pot coffee is somewhere in between. 

One nice advantage to moka pots: you can use regular ground coffee—you don’t have to grind your own coffee if you don’t want to!

Finally, remember this tip: moka pot coffee makers are sized by espresso cups—a three cup moka pot can make three espresso size coffees. 

After trying out several moka pot coffee makers, we thought Primula’s Aluminum Espresso Maker did a great job . . . at a price that didn’t break the bank. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Large capacity (6 cups). Remember, that’s espresso cups!

• Easy to clean.

• Excellent coffee! We did a blind taste test and this moka pot rose to the top in terms of performance and taste.

• Easy on the wallet.

• Took 3-5 minutes to make coffee.

• No-drip spout.

• Stainless steel valve.

What Needs Work

• Handle can melt. This can be an issue if used on a gas stove and the heat is turned up high. Note that in the pictures for this product, the pot is positioned on the edge of a hot plate or stove—that keeps the handle from melting!

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Best Tried & True Brand

Made in Italy
Excellent authentic moka pot that makes coffee in four to five minutes! Easy to use and clean (hand wash only). Caveat: small 2+ espresso cup capacity.

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Best Tried & True Brand: Bialetti Moka Express StoveTop Coffee Maker

Yes, this is the same company founded by the Italian engineer credited for inventing the moka pot. Bialetti’s pots are still made in Italy—and we know that some folks think that’s worth the premium price. Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Great coffee! In our taste tests, this moka pot delivered—very tasty coffee!

• Easy to use.

• Great for camping.

• Works in about 4-5 minutes.

What Needs Work

• This model doesn’t work on induction stove tops. There is a different model for those types of stoves.

• Small capacity. This moka pot makes about 4.4 ounces of coffee (that’s about two espresso cups). Great for one person; not so great if you need to make more coffee that that!

• Hand wash only. This pot can not be put in a dishwasher. However, that’s true for most moka pots and stovetop espresso makers we tried.

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Best Looking Moka Pot

Great for camping
We loved this pot, made of food-grade anodized aluminum—it not only made great coffee, but looked good doing it. Also nice: rubber-coated handle.

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Best Looking Moka Pot: GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot

We know—most moka pots and stovetop espresso makers look, well, rather blah. And when it comes to something that sits on your kitchen counter top that you see everyday, a nice looking appliance is a plus. 

If aesthetics are important, we’d recommend GROSCHE’s Milano moka pot—it worked well in our tests. And is easier on the eyes, with four different color choices (including a sharp looking red model!).

What We Liked

• Easy to clean.

• 4 colors (red, black, cream and white).

• Made great-tasting coffee. 

• Great for camping.

• Nice looking—and the price is easy on the wallet.

• Can use on induction stove tops.

What Needs Work

• Small capacity. This model  has a 3 cup capacity—that’s about five ounces of coffee. Good news: other models from this same brand have larger capacities if you need it.

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