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What's the best airbrush kit for art projects? Cake decorating? What about model painting? We surveyed the craft enthusiasts among our parent readers to find their favorites. Then we did another 5 hours of research, comparing quality, features and price. Here are the air brush kits we'd recommend to you!

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Best Airbrush Kit For Art Projects

Great bang for the buck
Loved this kit as a good bet for beginners. Includes just about everything you need to get going, like paints, tips and more. Easy to use and set up.

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Best Airbrush Kit For Art Projects: Master Airbrush Cool Runner II

Warning: airbrushing can be addictive! 

If you’re hooked on watching YouTube videos that show airbrush art projects or cake decorating, a good place to start is an airbrush kit with a basic compressor and supplies. 

We asked our readers for their favorites and one kit was mentioned time and again: Master Airbrush’s Cool Runner II. 

Folks just loved this easy-to-use and quiet compressor—there is good bang for the buck here, considering all the included supplies.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Quiet!

• Easy to use.

• Easy to set up.

• Includes 3 tips.

• Also includes six 1-ounce colors of acrylic paint and double sided color mixing wheel. 

• Cleaning brush set included.

What Needs Work

• Flow could be more consistent. While our readers loved this kit, a common complaint is somewhat inconsistent flow from the nozzle. That frustrated novices, as you might expect.

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Best Airbrush Kit Cake Decorating

Easy to use—and clean
A great kit for beginners, this kit is our favorite for cake decorating—quiet and easy to hold. Small compressor has good power, but still compact in size for storage. Quiet!

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Best Airbrush Kit Cake Decorating: Gocheer Mini Airbrush Kit

Some airbrush kits are better suited for projects like cake decorating than others—specifically, airbrush compressors that can be used up to 30 minutes without interruption. 

After hearing about several airbrush kits that are favorites for cake decorating from our parent readers, we decided the Gocheer’s Mini Airbrush Kit is the best bet for most folks. It’s well designed and includes a compressor that works up to 25 PSI—yes, that is less than the Master Airbrush kit recommended earlier, but it’s more than enough for cake decorating.

Also nice: it is easy on the wallet.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

 Easy for beginners to use.

• Quiet.

• Easy to clean.

• Cleaning brush set included.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Pro tip: thin the paint out first. Otherwise, the nozzle can clog. Also be careful when cleaning as parts are fragile.

• Better instructions would be helpful!

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