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What are the best Medela pump parts? Yes, using a breast pump requires regular maintenance—and those replacement parts can add up. Good news: now there are more options that are budget-friendly. If you have a Medela breast pump, but need new shields, membranes and tubing, here's what we'd recommend.

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Great as a backup just in case
Loved this affordable kit that includes shields, valves, membranes and tubing. The only thing missing: collection bottles. But this kit is compatible with several kinds of bottles.

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Budget-Friendly: Nenesupply Compatible Pump Parts for Medela Pump In Style Breastpump

Got a Medela Pump In Style, but have a new baby on the way and need a new collection kit? To the rescue come these parts sets, which are compatible with the Medela Pump In Style (made after 2006).

Before we get into specifics, one quick caveat: the breast flanges in these kits are one-piece—while they are affordable, we find them harder to clean than two-piece shields. If you prefer the latter, these can be purchased separately as breast shields and connectors.

Another quick bit of advice: confirm the model pump you have before purchasing these kits. Not all parts are compatible with all kits.

For a budget-friendly compatible set of parts for the Medela Pump in Style Advanced, we’d suggest Nenesupply’s kit. To be clear, these are NOT made by Medela, but they are compatible with the pump. These are aftermarket parts—they are not original manufacturer parts. Still, we think they are worthy of consideration.

What We Liked

• Easy to use.

• Includes 2 medium 24mm breast shields, 4 valves, 8 membranes and 2 tubes.

• Good quality.

• Six different sizes available for a better fit.

• BPA and DEHP free.

• Affordable.

• Good as a backup set just in case you need spare parts. It’s always wise to have back-up parts for your breast pump, especially if you are exclusively nursing! Things do break, so having these as a spare is smart in our opinion!

What Needs Work

• Doesn’t include collection bottles. However, this kit is compatible with a wide range of bottles, including Medela and Dr. Brown’s (among others).

• 1-piece shields are harder to clean.

• Thinner plastic than Medela OEM shields. We didn’t think this matters much, but we see scattered reports these shields caused issues with suction. This was a minority, however. Most of our readers said they worked fine.

• Can’t always use these with a pumping bra.

• Doesn’t work with all Medela pumps—just the Pump In Style Advanced made after 2006.

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Best Spare Membranes

BPA free, made by Medela
Made of silicone, membranes for breast pumps need to be replaced every month. We liked Medela's best, even if they might rip a trifle too easily.

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Best Spare Membranes: Medela Spare Membranes

Whoever said nursing your baby is free never had to maintain a breast pump! There are lots of little parts that have to be regularly replaced. Exhibit one: membranes. These little pieces of silicone should be replaced once a month, says Medela. For this part, we’d recommend Medela’s own spare membranes. Excellent quality.

What We Liked

• 6 membranes per package.

• BPA free.

• Affordable.

• Made by Medela.

What Needs Work

• Rip too easily. We wish these membranes were more durable. They are too easy to rip, in our opinion.

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Best Replacement Tubing

42" long tubing is BPA free
Tubing for your breast pump should be replaced if it slips off the pump. Or if milk appears in the tube. We like this replacement tubing best for its overall quality.

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Best Replacement Tubing: Replacement Tubing for Medela Pump In Style

Tubing connects the pump to the collection bottles. When you need to replace it, we’d suggest Maymom’s replacement tubing. Good quality at a price that is easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• 42″ long tubing.

• Works for Medela Pump in Style made after July 2006.

• BPA free.

• Works well!

What Needs Work

• Can’t sterilize it! It will melt if you try!

• Not made by Medela. But we think it is an acceptable substitute that works fine.

• Condensation sometimes appears in the tube.

• Can slip off the pump if not securely attached.

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