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What is the best mandala tapestry? We researched 20 tapestries, comparing them on quality and affordability. If you are looking for a wall hanging for a bohemian, hippie or trippy vibe, here are the ones we'd recommend. Quick note: even though the word "tapestry" implies a woven or embroidered cloth, these tapestries are printed on one side. That makes them more affordable!

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Best Overall Tapestry

Rich, vibrant colors
We loved the multi-color motif of this tapestry that has hemmed edges. 100% cotton. Caveat: not machine washable. The colors will bleed if you do!

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Best Overall Tapestry: Bless International Indian Hippie Bohemian Psychedelic Peacock Mandala Wall Hanging

We researched and compared over 20 tapestries, looking at overall quality, vibrancy and care requirements (machine washable is a plus).

For the best overall tapestry with a mandala vibe (mandala is a geometric figure representing the universe), we think Bless International’s wall hanging is the winner. This large tapestry (covering 84″ by 90″) is impressive—vibrant and beautiful.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Great as a wall hanging—or bedspread or couch cover.

• Hemmed edges.

• 100% cotton.

• Impressive colors. 

• Six sizes available.

• Also available as a round tapestry.

What Needs Work

• Not machine washable. This tapestry can only be spot cleaned or dry cleaned.

• Very thin fabric.

• Some have arrived with a strong chemical smell. Pro tip: air the tapestry out in a ventilated room if you can!

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Best Tapestry For Selfies

Nice Zoom background
Gold/white pallette is the perfect backdrop for a wall or as a bedspread. Classic look, cotton fabric and screen printed. Not machine washable.

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Best Tapestry For Selfies: Indian Hippie Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

We liked this large tapestry as a good backdrop for selfies—the gold and white motif is gorgeous.

What We Liked

 Cotton fabric.

• Nice background for Zoom meetings.

• Classic look.

• Various other sizes available.

• 12+ color variations if you don’t like gold/white.

What Needs Work

• Not washable. Dry clean only.

• Not opaque—you can see the thin fabric of this tapestry. Not a big deal if you hang it on the wall, but perhaps more of an issue if you use it as a furniture cover.

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Best Tapestry For Bedroom

Soothing blue pallette
This traditional Lotus print has one main advantage compared to other tapestries: it is machine washable (cold water). That makes it great for more varied uses! Beautiful design.

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Best Tapestry For Bedroom: Indian Hippie Tapestry Mandala Wall Hanging

Why is this tapestry the best for bedrooms? We think the blue/green palette and intricate pattern motif are the most relaxing of all the tapestries we considered for this article.

What We Liked

• Traditional lotus design.

• Machine washable! Yes, that is rare among the mandala tapestries we researched.

• Beautiful printed design.

• Pairs well with fairy lights.

What Needs Work

• Thin fabric.

• Not great as a blanket. Yes, this tapestry is also pitched as a blanket, but we don’t think the fabric lends itself well for that use.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Hand wash only in cold water
Boho on a budget. Need to spice up a blank wall without spending a fortune? This tapestry is our pick for its rich colors and cotton fabric.

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Best Budget-Friendly: GLOBUS CHOICE INC. Blue Twin Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging

Yes, some tapestries with mandala themes can get rather pricey. If the budget is tight, we’d recommend Globus Choice’s Blue Twin mandala tapestry wall hanging. Beautiful print and large size (85″ x 55″) . . . at a price that is easier on the wallet.

What We Liked

• Vivid color.

• Detailed printed pattern.

• 100% cotton.

What Needs Work

• Not machine washable. It must be hand-washed in cold water, line dry.

• Fabric isn’t as soft as others. Not a big deal if you use it as a wall hanging, of course!

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