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What's the best makeup organizer? We asked our readers for their favorite solutions to organize makeup. Then we did another 8 hours of research, comparing top picks on ease of use and affordability. Here are the winners.

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Best Countertop Organizer

Easy to assemble, 3 separate pieces
Love this well-designed countertop organizer, with top section for makeup brushes. Cost effective and space efficient. Caveat: doesn't fit large eyeshadow pallets.

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Best Countertop Organizer: HBlife Makeup Organizer

Let’s talk makeup organizers.

When it comes to buying the best organizer solution for your makeup, there are two basic options: countertop and drawer storage.

For countertop makeup organizers, we looked for solutions that had a compact footprint yet were still functional to store the essentials. We surveyed the readers of our books (2.1 million moms strong!) to find their favorites. Then we narrowed down the finalists basic on functionality and value.

When the dust settled, we pick HBLife’s Makeup Organizer as the best countertop makeup organizer. It is just the right size: 9.5″ x 5.4″ x 11.6″. That fits nicely on a counter. And the price is easy on the wallet. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Excellent storage space overall.

• Flexible design. This organizer comes in 3 pieces—you can stack them on top of each other. Or put them side by side if you have the room.

• 16 top compartments, 2 large drawers. 

• Mesh liners for drawers. 

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Large pallets don’t fit. But that’s a problem with several makeup organizers we tried.

• Pieces don’t snap together. 

• Drawers are bit squeaky. 

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Best Organizer Drawers

Stackable and versatile
Organize that jumble of makeup with this 10 piece set. We liked the nesting design and sliding compartments—fantastic! BPA free. Slim organizers for makeup brushes and pencils.
$20.99 ($2.10 / Count)

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Best Organizer Drawers: STORi Clear Plastic Makeup and Vanity Drawer Organizers

If you don’t have much countertop storage space, a drawer solution is the next best bet. After looking at several options suggested by our readers, we decided STORi’s Clear Plastic Makeup drawer organizers were the best (and most affordable) option for most folks. Here’s why:

What We Liked

• 10 pieces = lots of storage space!

• Easy to see everything at a glance.

• Slim organizers for makeup brushes and pencils worked well.

• BPA free.

• Nesting design. We liked how these drawers can stack together in case space is limited.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• More wide trays, please? This set includes more long than wide trays. We’d prefer more of a balance.

• Scratches easily.

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Best Compact Organizer

Perfect size for small spaces
We liked this compact organizer, with two pieces that can be stacked or side-by-side. Easy to assemble and use. Space for brushes on top. Easy on the wallet.

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Best Compact Organizer: Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

If space is tight, we’d recommend this makeup organizer: Masir’s Clear Comestic Storage. It’s about as long and wide as the HBlife makeup organizer earlier in this article with one key difference: it is just over 7″ high. The HBlife is 11.6″ high. That might just make the difference in fitting into a compact space!

What We Liked

• Perfect for small amount of comestics.

• 12 narrow compartments (lipstick size) plus one larger compartment.

• Flexible design. The two pieces of this organizer can be stacked on top of each other or used side by side.

• Two large drawers, two small drawers.

What Needs Work

• Pieces don’t lock together. Be careful not to bump it, as it can knock over.

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Best Rotating Organizer

Best at fitting taller items
This excellent organizer holds more than it seems at first blush—adjustable shelves provide flexibility. Overall, we thought it was good quality . . . but takes some time to assemble.

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Best Rotating Organizer: Saanipoe 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer

This organizer holds more stuff than it looks—roughly 30 makeup brushes, for example. The rotating turntable design makes getting to items easy. Here’s more on why we thought Saanipoe’s makeup organizer is the best “lazy susan” style storage solution.

What We Liked

• Adjustable shelves. The seven adjustable layers of this organizer can be moved about in just about any configuration you can think of.

• Excellent overall storage.

• Best at accommodating tall and short items. 

• Functional.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Assembly could be easier. It takes a fair amount of time—but there are instructional videos to help.

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